What Does A Call Centre Auto Dialer do? How Much Do Auto Dialers Cost?

Dec 14, 2022

If you have never seen an autodialer, you presumably picture relentlessly dialing robocalling machines used in massive telemarketing campaigns. While leaving pre-recorded messages at tens of thousands of phone numbers in quick succession, auto-dialers are capable of much more.

Call center automatic dialers, sometimes known as preview dialers, progressive dialers, or predictive dialers, are a time-saving tool. In most cases, their goal is to enhance your customer's experience and ensure all employees can operate as effectively as possible.

So, what are call center auto-dialers all about? Let's take a look.

What Is An Auto Dialer?

Automatic dialers are a part of predictive dialer software. An auto dialer can connect a call to a live agent or broadcast a pre-recorded message once it has been answered. Auto dialers can either leave a message on the recipient's voicemail or mark the number in their system to be called again later if the call goes to voicemail.

Call center auto-dialers are of many types and perform various tasks. Typically, they are helpful when you are pressed for time and unable to concentrate on calling, or when having an agent handle the dialing would be impracticable or inefficient.

Using an autodialer is particularly beneficial in various situations, including sales, emergencies, the hospitality industry, and the healthcare industry.

How Do Call Centre Auto Dialers Work?

Call center auto dialers can free up employees to concentrate on the demands of their clients without wasting time on ringing or ignoring calls.

In general, auto-dialing systems work in four parts:

  • Auto Dialer Software

The adoption of computer software allows for the use of auto-dialing systems. The software and service provider you choose will determine the features of auto-dialers. Most simple auto-dialing systems can be operated on regular computers with a clear correlation between CPU power and audio quality.

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  • Human Agents

Live agents are essential in many auto-dialing situations, even if some auto-dialing systems use pre-recorded messages as part of their message delivery. You need an employee to activate the system, establish the dialing mode, choose the proper call list, and record any messages.

  • Voice Modem

To send and receive voice recordings via phone line, voice modems are required. You must look for any sign that the hardware has voicemail software if you are unsure whether a particular modem can handle voice conversations.

  • VoIP or Landlines

Either VoIP or landlines can be used to connect calls with auto-dialing systems. On the other hand, large-scale auto-dialing systems are headed towards cloud-based, integrated systems that interface with leading CRM software solutions and offer a wealth of cutting-edge features that might make voice modems obsolete.

How Much Do Auto Dialers Cost?

Now that we know what automatic dialers are, it is time to answer the big question. How much does an auto dialer cost? This varies from one service provider to another. The cost can depend on several factors, but you shouldn't compromise call quantity for cost.

The auto dialer cost depends on the following factors:

Size of your organization: If you are a large business, you would have large call volumes, unlike small firms, and hence, the cost will be higher.

Nature of your calls: It will cost more if you are having a conversation with an existing customer that is highly personalized, such as assisting them in solving an issue or urging them to utilize a product.

Features you need: Would you like to incorporate an IVR, record all calls, track call analytics, report numbers dialed, and safeguard client privacy? If so, choose a sophisticated software like Knowlarity!

Final Thoughts

Automatic dialers are commonly thought of as tools that simplify sales calls. Your support teams can use the dialer to provide a top-notch customer experience if it is part of a platform that controls the entire customer lifecycle.

Regardless of your goal, organizational size, target audience, or call type, call center auto-dialers can greatly improve your business outcomes. You can set up call centers without investing in infrastructure with Knowlarity's call center autodialer.

As your business expands, you can increase users, virtual numbers, and call volume. Reach out to us at 1800-1020-340.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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