What does Automatic Call Distribution mean, and how does an ACD work?

July 27, 2022

Automatic Call Distribution is a software solution that optimizes the call routes and smartly routes the incoming calls to specific agents based on certain criteria. Businesses integrate the software into the call operations to provide an enhanced CX.

How does ACD software work?

The Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) System prioritizes the customers' preferences by connecting them to the most suitable agent. It enables agents to provide an enhanced customer experience. This telephony software will receive the calls and implement the rule-based routing to provide high customer satisfaction. It helps to handle the inbound calls efficiently while providing better CX by smartly routing the calls to the live agents or the IVR.

Boost Productivity: The automatic call distribution software helps the agents to improve efficiency because the software optimizes the call routes based on certain factors such as the type of issue- hardware, software, post-sales, etc. So agents with expertise in that particular area will be assigned the query. They will be more confident handling customer queries and providing the correct resolution. So, it helps them boost productivity and provide high customer satisfaction.

Faster query resolution: The Best automatic call distribution software helps to provide an enhanced CX by quickly providing solutions to customer queries. The software connects the right agents to the customers. The expert agents will promptly resolve the customers' questions as they have expertise in the particular issue. It will boost the FCR - First Call Resolution rate and provide better and quick query resolution.

Advanced Routing: If agents are allowed to answer customers' queries based on their expertise, then it definitely will boost agent productivity, enhance their skills and knowledge, and help them always provide high customer satisfaction. The Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) System provides the facility of advanced call routing, which routes the calls to the agents based on their expertise and skills!

How does an ACD work

It is an important feature that can help the call center always provide better and quick query resolution to their customers. It will help provide a high FCR rate as the most appropriate agent will be connected to answer the customer's queries. So, there's no requirement to forward the calls to other agents or find the correct department. It helps provide better CX, improve the brand image, and make it customer-friendly.

Better CX: It is one of the software's most significant advantages as it helps provide an enhanced CX. The customers are offered the correct query resolution by connecting the right agent. They get instant query resolution by smartly routing the calls based on factors such as preferred language, technical issues, etc., and connecting the customers with the most appropriate agent.

Reduced operational costs: By integrating the Automatic call distribution software into the call operations, companies will boost the first call resolution rate. The customers will get the correct answers to their questions in the first call and need not connect with other agents and departments. It saves time and resources for the business as FCR will reduce the cost per call.

IVR integration: IVRs have become the most important element in client communication. Callers get several options which they can choose to get quick answers to their queries. By integrating the IVR and the Best automatic call distribution software, businesses can provide an excellent customer experience.

Call recording: The Automatic Call Distribution software receives the inbound calls and smartly routes them to particular agents based on different factors such as the caller history, location, the type of query, etc. The software enables recording all these calls and provides businesses insights into the call operations. Business organizations can use these call logs for training purposes to improve the agent's skills.

Data insights: Get data insights via weekly or monthly reports and analyze the efficiency of the call operations with the software. Understand how your agents are performing and know the kind of training they need to improve their skills. Also, it helps the business understand what their customers expect from them and how they can improve their business relationship to maximize profitability.


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Written By:  Manna Khare


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