What is a Missed Call Service & How to Turn it On/Off?

July 14, 2022

What is this missed call service?

A Missed Call Number Alert Service is a cloud telephony solution companies use to advertise goods or services, carry out polls or surveys, confirm clients, and much more. Customers are provided a phone number via various channels, including social media, websites, and offline advertisements.

Customers can leave a missed call on the specified number to sign up for the product or service, volunteer, provide feedback, demonstrate support, or for any other purpose determined in advance by the business or group.

The missed call alert service provides alerts when you don't answer a call from the dialler. In this manner, you won't miss a ring this way & stay focused during client conversations.

Why is missed call service becoming popular?

Missed calls are becoming a potent marketing tool thanks to the explosive growth of smartphone use. Many companies use missed call services for various goals, including generating leads, allowing customers to request a callback, and gathering customer feedback.

Businesses may conduct market research surveys, consumer surveys, and customer engagement campaigns without spending additional time or money thanks to Missed Call Solutions.

Missed call marketing eliminates the need for consumers to submit extensive information forms to share a response, feedback, or opinion, in contrast to traditional survey data collection techniques and opinion poll procedures.

Instead, customers or leads can exchange information by leaving a missed call on a particular phone number. By combining the Missed Call Solution with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, businesses can respond to each call with a recorded voice message. These service providers offer companies to develop, set up, and conduct missed call marketing campaigns.

But how to set up one for your firm?

Managers can take the following steps to set up the Missed Call Solution on the internet portal offered by the missed call service provider:

1. Choosing a number

At the outset, campaign managers must select a mobile phone number for their campaign before they can begin. They can do this by paying the service provider for a mobile number. The service offers a pool of numbers that campaign managers can purchase, with a new number dedicated for each campaign.

Missed Call Alert Service

2. Purchasing a service plan

The next step is to choose a Missed Call Number Alert Service plan after selecting a company phone number. Price differences between providers are due to several variables, including the cost per missed call, campaign management tools, and other value-added services.

3. Configuring the service settings

The campaign managers receive access to a website after purchasing the Missed Call Number Alert Service plan to set up their campaign. Businesses can build a campaign analysis report, set up an IVR, and assign numbers to each campaign through this platform. Additionally, it offers the option to activate real-time campaign notifications through phone numbers or email IDs.

To start your missed call alert service, register for an account with your service provider & include your company phone number. After doing so, turn on the missed call alert toggle in your settings to make the service operational. With this Missed Call Solution, you will never miss a call again!

Prepare to discover the magic of missed call solutions!

Knowing all the details will simplify selecting a Missed Call Number Alert Service. Your business is guaranteed to get on the right track if you pay close attention to the service provider options backed by their years of expertise, interface designs, customer service, and other integrations. The crucial factors to consider are IVR functionality, automated message options, toll-free missed call numbers, real-time updates & detailed analytics with reporting features.


So, are you prepared to expand into the world of missed call services to improve your sales, feedback processes, and marketing strategies? Then contact Knowlarity right away! We offer the most affordable missed call alert service in the global marketplace. Get the Missed Call Solution from us today!

Written By:  Farha


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