What Is A Toll-Free Number, And How To Get Toll-Free Numbers In India

Apr 15, 2022

What Is A Toll-Free Number?

The phrase toll-free number has the word free in it. Toll means the amount charged for a service. Toll-free numbers, thus, refer to numbers of a business that allow a caller to reach out to the company with their queries and inquiries, free of charge.

So who bears the charges for the call? In the case of businesses, the owner of the company or the owner of the toll-free number is billed for both the incoming and outgoing calls. A company primarily uses toll-free numbers so that customers can call businesses conveniently. However, wireless callers are charged for the duration of their call unless they have an unlimited plan.

Why Use Toll-Free Numbers?

Toll-free numbers aid customers in reaching out to your company when they have a query or an inquiry. They do more than just solve queries.

Toll-free numbers help increase lead conversion rates of any business by promoting their product when customers call them for inquiries. Many companies do not function beyond office hours. In such a case, what happens if someone calls the company after office hours? Toll-free numbers help companies be available 24*7 to resolve consumer queries.

They also boost customer satisfaction, as the customer won’t have to spend a single buck to get their query resolved. Toll-free numbers are easier to recall, so customers don’t struggle to reach out to the company.

Do you want to increase your business’s reach to new markets and cities? You could quickly achieve this without spending on the on-site infrastructure by getting premium toll-free numbers.

What Is A Toll-Free Number Solution?

A toll-free number solution ensures seamless and smooth interaction and improves the overall customer experience. With a toll-free number solution, your agents can resolve the customers’ queries better and effortlessly, with every call getting organised and equally attended.

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How To Get Toll-Free Numbers In India?

According to FCC, toll-free numbers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. However, apart from providing you with a toll-free number, Knowlarity offers you an interactive voice response (IVR) feature. With this feature, you could efficiently resolve customer queries with IVR’s multi-level menu to make the interaction with the customer hassle-free. Toll-free numbers can also be bought from a mobile operator; however, you won’t get it with the IVR feature that Knowlarity provides.

Customers might need to wait if they call your company with a toll-free number, as the agents may be busy. However, with Knowlarity’s call routing feature, the call gets routed to a free agent whenever a customer calls the company. So, the customer’s query gets resolved in less time, without them waiting for long to get their call connected.

How to choose the best service provider for your Cloud Telephony Solution?

With Knowlarity’s Cloud Telephony Solution, you get access to many features that can make your customer service process seamless. Knowlarity provides you with a single platform to control all your channels, organising your calls meticulously. Knowlarity’s toll-free number solution seamlessly connects with your CRM by enabling secure and enterprise-grade security. Additionally, you get a real-time dashboard that enables you to be updated with call logs and recordings, thus helping you gain deeper insights. This way, you could learn from your mistakes and ensure the correct functioning of your customer service.

Do you receive spam calls on your toll-free number, which increases your operator charges? You could block such spammers by taking strict anti-spam measures with Knowlarity’s Cloud Telephony Solution. Moreover, you receive an automatic call routing feature that can seamlessly direct incoming calls to personal numbers.

Final Thoughts

Give your business a boost and generate more leads by switching to Knowlarity’s Cloud Telephony Solutions. For more details, contact us at 1800-1020-340. You could also opt for a free trial by visiting Knowlarity.

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