What is an Automated Phone Calling System, and How do you know if a Number is Automated?

Aug 9, 2022

Call centres make outbound calls for various reasons like product sales, lead generation, telemarketing campaigns, fundraising, important announcements, and the dissemination of important information. Nowadays, most call centres use automated calling systems to arrange and start these voice calls without additional operators.

The automated calling system correctly recognises answering devices, voicemail alerts, missed calls, busy tones, and disconnected calls and automatically dials phone numbers. They play a pre-recorded message when a live person answers the outbound call. The call centre software market's steady expansion exemplifies the importance of automated calling solutions for contemporary call centres and organisations.

What is an Automated Phone Calling System?

Any telephone system communicating with callers without assistance from a human other than the recipient is considered automated. We can make multiple automated calls to a group or organisation using automated phone calling services, saving time and money. Many call centres and enterprises use the automated calling system to quickly and easily send vital messages to clients, team members, students, voters, or locals.

Call centres can broadcast earlier recorded voice chats to many contacts using cloud-hosted automated calling solutions without incurring significant infrastructure and operational costs. A range of voice broadcasting campaigns may be managed and monitored more easily with the help of advanced automated phone calling systems.

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How do you know if a Number is Automated?

An automated calling system allows automatic audio communication with the responder without any manual interruption. It lets companies dial their target clients simultaneously with automated outbound call blasts.

Installing any hardware or software while using an automated phone system is unnecessary. A database, spreadsheet, or contact management system can bulk load phone numbers into the call system. The device operates a previously recorded message that detects a human existence on the caller line. An alternative message may be left if it gets answered by an automated machine or voicemail device.

Automated phone call systems might eliminate many laborious and manual duties that contact centre operators would typically have to perform if they were manually calling. An automated calling system makes good sense when numerous outbound calls, messages, or emails get required, and speed and accuracy are crucial. It was evident while considering transitioning to an automated calling system from conventional phone methods. The time you save may be essential when an emergency arises, and every second counts.

What benefits does the Knowlarity automated calling system bring?

There are many benefits to Knowlarity automated phone call systems. We can use it to set up a cloud-based communication system that will quickly reach every one of your consumers. The significant benefits include the following:

Cost-effectiveness: We can save time and money by using an automatic cloud-oriented outbound calling device like the one from Knowlarity to educate your consumers about new goods and services.

TRAI Regulations: No matter where we conduct business, the automatic outbound calling device ensures that each call follows TRAI regulations.

Optimised Target Audience: When doing business campaigns, we can program automated calls and SMS to reach your target market better to introduce new products.

Improved ROI: Keeping our clients informed about recent deals, goods, and services will help you cultivate quality leads and increase ROI.

**Enhanced Caller Experience: **The sophisticated automated calling system enables customers to generate and personalise audio messages in various ways and send voice messages in bulk. We can improve the caller experience by using unique regional welcomes and customised hold music.

Scale your business with call automation with Knowlarity!

The automated calling system enables call centres and enterprises to reach multiple contacts with whom they already have a relationship while saving time, money, and effort. The automated calling systems vary from one another in several ways, including features.

Therefore, users should compare the characteristics of automated calling systems while keeping in mind the specific requirements of voice broadcasting campaigns. But with Knowlarity, we can rest assured. With features like Auto Dialer, Outbound IVR, and SMS Integration, Knowlarity helps tap into the significant benefits of using an automated phone calling system. Make the most out of call automation with Knowlarity today!

Written By:  Manna Khare


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