What is Click to Call, and How Do I Activate it?

May 16, 2022

The ease for customers to connect with the brand via a single call is considered one of the most impactful service touchpoints in the industry. The click-to-call solution enables customers to connect with your business with the click of a button.

When the customer can directly connect with a representative from the brand, it leads to higher trust and portrays a transparent brand image. People are more likely to call if there is a click-to-call button near a checkout page for any queries as it reduces the hassle of manually dialing the contact number. Businesses today are looking to simplify their basic operations to make them more efficient, thus increasing productivity.

How to Set Up and Activate Click to Call?

The click-to-call button has to be placed at strategic consumer touchpoints and points of sale. Customers have a very high probability of calling the customer representatives before making a purchase. It is an easy and hassle-free task to set up and activate a click-to-call service. The purpose of the API is to connect the customer and dial the call to the designated business by delivering a single-click experience to the customer. Each business is assigned a unique generated code which is used to activate click to call.

The call is placed through cloud telephony solutions that connect to a pre-assigned contact number. The call is routed to the specific customer support representative based on the query type. The business and customer are now connected via a single-click experience. The crucial aspect is the identification of locations in the app or website to place the click-to-call button. This can help fuel conversions from visitors to potential customers.

The proper location of the button is as important as the feature it has to offer. Businesses today have recognised a platonic shift towards smartphones. The click-to-call functionality offers users convenience by placing the call on a single app instead of switching between multiple apps for placing the call. This ensures that users are engaged with the same app and increases the app's stickiness. The click-to-call solution has mobile-specific APIs for handling smartphone traffic and is compatible with all major operating systems.

Click to Call

The click-to-call solution can be integrated with customer relationship management tools for using analytics to understand the customer requirements better. CRM tools offer a comprehensive dashboard solution where businesses can directly monitor call statistics and other important metrics such as call duration, conversion rates and upcoming scheduled calls. CRM tools can improve the productivity of customer representatives and help businesses better understand the customer.

Click-to-call functionality can be integrated with advanced IVR technology (interactive voice response) to communicate with the customer in the local language based on the customer's geographical location. This ensures that customers feel a direct connection with the brand and feel that the brand has a local presence, leading to greater trust and better sales for the business.

A seamless user experience on the website can fuel higher conversion rates from visitors to customers. Click-to-call has now emerged as a proven solution for generating higher customer conversions. Higher quality of service will also lead to greater customer satisfaction and repeat customers. Cloud-based solutions can be easily scalable without investing in expensive hardware and maintenance services.

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