What is IVR Solution? What Are the Types of IVR?

Jun 14, 2022

Business owners often see a boost in the call volume in proportion to the increase in business growth. Not responding to customer calls or not solving customer queries can negatively impact the brand. IVR service can be the first touch-point between the brand and excellent customer service that can save the day. Through IVR service or feature, businesses can enable responding to multiple customer calls and redirect the calls to a specific department or customer care executives. This article will give you a quick walkthrough of the types and benefits of IVR solutions.

What is an IVR?

Interactive Voice Response is an autonomous phone response system. It has a voice-based (pre-recorded voice) intelligent response system that allows incoming customer calls to access brand-related information that attends to customers' queries. IVRs also employ menu-driven options via keypad selection, touch-tone, or speech recognition to understand the customer's query and reroute the call to specific departments or customer care specialists.

IVR benefits are endless. A well-designed IVR renders customer satisfaction and does not let potential customers fade away. When businesses are at their peak sales, IVR manages the increase in call volume and helps customer care agents cut down the customers' hold time. IVR systems can also find answers and solve/accomplish simple customer queries by themselves. Businesses across different sectors are buying IVR solutions & leveraging its potential to automate customer call receiving and enhance customer experience. According to Industry Arc's forecast, the global Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System market will reach US $6.11 billion by 2025. The growth will be at a CAGR of 6.31 percent from 2020 to 2025.

Benefits of IVR

There are lots of benefits to IVR that enterprises can extract and utilise. Here is a list of some of them.

  • First call solution: Customers love to stay loyal to the brands that display better customer experience and value them. By implanting IVR service into the existing customer care ecosystem, enterprises can enable intelligent call routing to the most qualified agent for solving customer queries. This way, they ensure that the customers' issues get resolved at the earliest. Modern and intelligent IVRs minimise the customer's wait time by solving the preliminary cases or rerouting them to the most eligible agent.

  • 24x7 availability: Businesses that are hard to reach by the customers or do not have 24x7 support leave a poor impression on customers. Through IVR systems, you can keep your business active round the clock. The IVR service helps attend to all business calls at any time. IVR also caters to intelligent pre-recorded voice and chat services that solve the initial purpose and reroutes to agents for additional customer queries.

  • Helps your business set a professional image: Buying IVR solutions will help your brand set a professional impression. Earlier IVRs were expensive. With the advent of cloud technology, IVR services became cloud-driven. IVR benefits businesses by providing a single contact through which customers and potential leads can reach them. Such a single point of contact makes the brand look authentic and professional.

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Types of IVR

IVRs can be of three different types. They are:

  • Self-service IVR: These IVRs auto-attend high call volumes and use a pre-instructed approach to resolve customer queries without transferring them to live agents, hence the name. It can identify, and segment callers based on query types. It only connects/reroutes the call to live agents if the caller does not find the information through the self-service IVR.

  • Hosted IVR: These are IVR services installed on a hosted app or platform. It leverages the internet to allow businesses and customers to access the IVR system. Cloud telephony products often come with hosted IVR services.

  • Fully agent-assisted IVR: These IVRs are the touch-point between the business and customer service that deliver consistent customer support. Here, the IVR initiates an agent's pre-recorded voice phrase. It eliminates customer frustration dealing with complex IVR menus. Once the user responds according to the voice, the intelligent IVR redirects the call to the live agent.


We hope this article has given a crisp idea of IVR solutions, their benefits, and the types of IVR a business can leverage. The benefits of IVR services are limitless. If you want to buy IVR solutions, try Knowlarity. Knowlarity ranks at the top among various IVR providers.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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