What is Outbound Dialer and Types of Dialer used in Call Center?

Aug 20, 2022

An outbound dialer is a telephony system that helps to make maximum calls in a day, which might lead to an increase in sales. Outbound calling is a traditional approach to reach new customers and encourage them to make a purchase. But it hasn't lost its charm yet.

Though, there are times when human errors affect business productivity and reduce successful sales. An outbound dialer software solves this problem.

Let's discuss outbound dialers in detail in this blog.

1. Predictive dialer

One of the finest outbound dialers is the predictive dialer. It leverages sophisticated algorithms to keep a tab on agent performance and availability. It places multiple calls simultaneously and also detects whether the call was answered by a machine or a human.

If it is a human, the predictive dialer connects the call with an agent available at the moment. As a positive outcome, it reduces the average idle time and boosts agent productivity.

It even evaluates the calling pattern of agents and estimates when they can handle another call. It considers various parameters before initiating calls to reduce the call abandonment rate.

Use case: Predictive dialer is beneficial for outbound call centers handling high volumes of calls and provides promised results in a short time.

2. Progressive dialer

The progressive dialer greatly enhances agents’ productivity. When an agent is about to end a call, the progressive dialer automatically begins making calls to numbers in the list.

You can integrate it with your CRM to make the most of a progressive dialer. It will then show complete customer data to help agents in having meaningful dialogue and ending the call on a positive note.

Use case: The progressive dialer could be very useful when taking follow-ups with leads because agents will have all the information on their screens. This is likely to result in lead conversion. Plus, it can be helpful while handling call-back requests to deliver an excellent customer support experience.

3. Auto dialer

An auto dialer is the most advanced outbound call center software as it eliminates the hassle of dialing numbers manually, saving precious working hours.

How so? If the response comes from an answering machine, a voice mail message is sent by the autodialer. However, if a human answers the call, it plays a recording to give two options: ‘Request for a callback’ or ‘Connect with a live agent now.’

In case the responder selects the first option, the call gets recorded and information about the leads gets stored in the CRM. The agent can follow up later.

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On the other hand, if the responder goes with the second option, the call gets connected directly with an agent so that both parties can have a meaningful dialogue and the deal gets closed successfully.

Use case: An auto dialer can be used in multiple scenarios. However, it feels to be more useful for call centers that aim to get leads and convert them in one go.

Wrapping up:

Outbound calling was, is, and will always be effective because technology is advancing with each passing day. You just need the right software and diligent agents to make each outbound call successful.

With the help of this article, we have understood what an outbound dialer is and its types along with use cases. Since you have clarity now, I believe you’ll take the best course of action for your business and deploy an outbound dialer soon.

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Written By:  Manna Khare


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