Which Auto Dialer is Best for Your Business

March 25, 2022

Auto dialers are most commonly used in call centres as alternatives to human-operated telephone exchanges. The primary use of auto dialers, also known as automatic telephone dialling systems or auto dialling machines, is to rapidly connect multiple callers to the same telephone number and to hold the calls in a queue until an operator can be connected to manage the calls.

Auto dialers, however, can be used for more than just call centre and telemarketing calls. Here’s an overview of several different types of auto dialers and their main features and benefits for each kind of use.

What are the different types of auto dialer software available in the market?

Preview dialer:

An auto dialer is a voice messaging system that can make telephone calls automatically. It uses a list of numbers and has an auto-dialling software programme that can detect which number in a list it should call next. Its usual function is to allow businesses with large client lists to contact their clients without any human intervention, cutting costs significantly.

Predictive dialling system:

The auto-dialer software solution utilises a pre-programmed list of phone numbers that get sequentially dialled when a recent call lacks activity. In addition to using an existing hardware auto dialer, you can also find auto-dialer software solutions that work independently without any additional equipment.

Power dialer:

This auto-dialer software solution can connect you with thousands of phone numbers using one phone number at any given time. The system will call every number you set up for it to call, and it does not require a dedicated line or other external support hardware.

What are the benefits of using auto dialer software?

Businesses use auto dialers for various reasons, including customer support and lead generation. Essentially, an auto dialer is used to make outbound calls to contact new customers or potential leads. Although many businesses opt for live agents trained on lead generation, using an auto dialer can significantly increase productivity and reduce costs if it’s done correctly. Here are some benefits:

  • Improve agent productivity
  • Agents can take their time with customers
  • Reduce call centre costs and improve agent productivity
  • Allows agents to focus on more complex tasks and customers
  • In a call centre environment, less time is needed to handle customer calls
  • Better quality of service and improved response times to all customers
  • Increase the overall profitability of businesses
  • It is highly flexible and adaptable with other software such as CRM, contact management, and so on
  • Inbound and outbound calling applications can be customised for each organisation’s requirements.
  • Improve the customer experience by focusing on higher-value customers.

Which auto dialer is best for your business?

The best auto dialer for you will depend on what type of business you are running. You can use an auto dialer to set up appointment reminders, direct marketing efforts or make your life easier by having a machine handle phone calls and free up your time. When deciding which one is right for you, it is essential to consider several factors, including:

The size of your organization:

A predictive dialer might be right for you if you are a large organisation because it can handle multiple call lines. This system will also work well if you have a tremendous amount of data to go through and process daily.

Type of audience:

If you have an ongoing relationship with a customer, then a preview dialer is an option for you because it gives you more control over when they want to receive calls from your company. For example, if someone has subscribed to your newsletter or signed up for updates, they will be able to specify when they want calls rather than get them throughout the day.

The nature of your calls:

The nature of the call will also factor into which type you should use. A predictive dialer would be suitable for companies that want to make sales calls. In contrast, a preview dialer would be better for organisations trying to increase awareness and grow their customer base.

Why is it important to choose an auto-dialer software solution from a known brand?

With so many brands to choose from, you might think it’s easy to find one that will offer what you need. There are indeed a lot of companies that sell auto-dialer solutions, but not all of them have good reputations. Choosing a brand that doesn’t have a reputation for delivering quality solutions can cause problems for your business in both the short and long term.

If you’re considering an auto-dialer solution for your business, the best option is one that only sells high-quality solutions designed specifically for businesses like yours.

Knowlarity is a proven brand name with years of experience in providing cutting-edge communication software solutions for businesses large and small.

Knowlarity offers different types of auto-dialling services and other features, including reliable call recording, mobile capabilities, and SMS services. Their solutions are affordable, efficient and convenient for any size of business or enterprise.

Written By:  Aliya


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