Which is the Best IVR System for any Business and How can I get this IVR?

July 24, 2022

Do you want to set up IVR services for your business to route and expedite incoming calls? Know how with Knowlarity!

Have you ever called a firm's customer service hotline to seek assistance with a problem, and a pre-recorded professional voice greeted you and instructed you to choose an option from a menu? This is called Interactive Voice Response or IVR. It is a program that plays pre-recorded messages and accepts your inputs.

IVR Services greet customers who call your firm with questions or information requests, present them with a menu of options, and record the customer's choice. Depending on what customers need, the IVR can offer them pre-recorded information or forward their calls to support staff if the issue is complex and requires additional assistance.

How Does IVR Help Businesses?

By taking voice commands to help direct client calls, an effective IVR system reduces the need for a live representative. It directs your clients to the right agent using multi-level category menus, helping them find answers to their questions more quickly. IVR Benefits include the following:

  • Helps Generate More Leads - A robust IVR system ensures more leads and customer loyalty by keeping up with the client's demand through a quick resolution process.

  • Enhances Brand Image - Additionally, it lets your callers speak with experts following the decisions made from the multi-level IVR menu.

  • Manages Large Call Volumes - It manages high call volumes using an innovative multi-level IVR to connect to several clients automatically.

  • Offers Personalized Experiences - Using their names in welcome notes and predicting their needs based on previous contacts helps customize client interactions.

  • Is Omnipresent - With IVR Services, all customer calls are sent to agents' cell phones or landline phones, allowing them to handle business calls from any location.

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Which is The Best IVR System For Any Business?

An excellent IVR will have capabilities like CRM integration to get included in the business phone system's standard package. Here, we list the top five IVR systems to assist you in freeing up your agents for activities that an automated system cannot complete.

  • Air call

The cloud-based Air call allows the sales and customer support teams to organize and manage customer connections. It helps users to quickly establish a line of effective communication with their customers.

  • Cloud Talk

Using Cloud Talk is a terrific method to increase sales for your business and train your support personnel and be more knowledgeable. It can significantly improve your team's performance and the customer experience.

  • Just Call

It is the foundation of your company's customer service division, one of the quickest yet easiest IVR services. With the many customization possibilities that Just Call provides, your business may plan to Buy IVR System & capture customer inputs as digits.

  • Zendesk

They have created an online customer portal to enhance how companies communicate with their customers. It provides robust and adaptable customer service and engagement products that may meet the needs of any organization.

  • Knowlarity

One of the top cloud communication companies in Asia is Knowlarity. It provides scalable & reliable Cloud-based business communication solutions to meet the communication needs of businesses. With the help of cloud-based Multi-Level IVR Services, Knowlarity's cloud communication solutions enable enterprises to run on a productive communication network.

How to Get an IVR Service?

IVR systems employ pre-recorded voices to guide and assist customers in attaining their objectives. They can be quite helpful because IVR Services manage everything and do away with additional staff required to pay for answering phones in the office. They save the company time and money.

Picking a reliable IVR service provider is the key to setting up a solid IVR system. How would you choose the most appropriate service provider? You can start by taking into account the most crucial features.

  • Multilingual Support - Select an IVR service provider that offers customers personalized messages and multilingual support.

  • Call Routing - One of the crucial features is call routing, which decreases call waiting time significantly while reducing call-dropping troubles.

  • Call Recording - With the help of the automatic call recording feature, you can periodically evaluate your calls.

  • 24/7 Customer Support - Select an IVR service company that guarantees you prompt & 24/7 assistance.

Get an IVR Solution for Your Business:

IVR software is necessary for your company's support personnel to manage clients across numerous channels and platforms. Buy an IVR system that meets your needs & budget. Interested in getting an IVR system? Then Knowlarity is a name you can always trust!

Written By:  Manna Khare


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