which Software Is Best For Call Recording And How Do I Record Phone Calls?

July 13, 2022

Effective communication is the key while handling businesses, and call recording ensures that your business is protected legally, as these serve as official documentation during disputes, and any miscommunication can be looked into through these transcriptions. It also acts as a means of assisting your new employees with business protocols and phone etiquette.

Thus, call recording is more than just recording your conversations and holds your business and your mission with your business with much value and significance. From unveiling a loophole to using this as a means of the trust your customers have in you, call recording software is an indispensable way of fulfilling this necessary feature!

Call recording software requires minimal effort in recording, transcribing, and tracking your phone calls. Thus, it is used in various industries and is an effective tool for your B2B businesses that largely depends on enhancing customer experiences!

However, the question now arises, which software allows you to do that?

Well, many call recording softwares allow both automatic and manual call recording. Some also provide transcription services with stored databases or even voice recognition features. However, while the market is filled with such markets, cost-effective packages with comprehensive features are less to be found.

Knowlarity's call recording features and what makes it different from competitors!

  • Training & Development – Do you have a BPO and want to improve your agent's phone etiquette? Call logs allow your business to provide hands-on training. Monitor the interactions between the employees and the customers, which helps in developing better training manuals!

  • Customer Feedback – These calls act as customer feedback, providing a real-time insight for your business to upscale based on it.

  • Dispute Handling – Case-sensitive services demand official documentation at every step to be protected legally.

  • Promoting Business Growth – Call recording allows you to inspect your company's growth by undertaking informed decisions. Monitor your agent's sales pitch to correct them if wrong, working towards better sales conversion.

Thus, Knowlarity provides a wide range of call recording services. These deliver seamless functioning and effective customer services to your clients.

Following are the features of call recording services that make Knowlarity known for its cloud telephony solutions.

  • Easy Set-up – For Knowlarity users, hardware isn't required. Knowlarity provides an innovative plug-play feature integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to facilitate an improved customer experience.

  • Cloud Storage – Storing calls in the cloud allows easy accessibility for your enterprise to dispense customer queries immediately and improve customer engagement.

  • Auto-recording- Your automated recorded calls won't require your employees to perform extra work, allowing seamless conversations with their clients.

  • Conversion of text-to-speech –Knowlarity's call recording users can convert text-to-speech to gain insights into their call quality. Effective means dealing with legal disputes or major customer issues requiring specific demands.

Aside from this, it is budget-friendly and it comes without any upfront investment!

Founded in 2009, Knowlarity has the expertise of a decade in its hands. Testimonials are available from our clients from Nature's Basket, DLF, OYO, Lets Doc, and Astro Talk, demonstrating Knowlarity's capability as a leading cloud communication provider amongst established and emerging markets across multiple industrial verticals and over 65 countries.

However, if you are still unsure about using Knowlarity, give us a call at 1800-1020-340 to know what Knowlarity offers in its call recording software. You can even write to us at customersupport@knowlarity.com. Or you can visit our official website to know more about our services.

Remember, call recording software is important for your business to flourish, and Knowlarity helps you do that with ease!

Written By:  Manna Khare


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