Why Do You Need Outbound Dialer For Your Business

Oct 18, 2022

Irrespective of any industry, automation is the solution to all necessary repetitive work. Numerous modern companies leverage auto-dialers to boost the agent's productivity or monitor communications to enhance customer experience. According to Industry Arc's report and forecast, the global auto dialer software market will reach 542.7 million USD by 2025. This growth will mark a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.2 percent during the forecast period between 2020 and 2025. In this article, you will get a comprehensive idea of outbound dialers, their types, such as progressive dialers & predictive dialers, benefits of why businesses use auto-dialers.

What are Outbound Dialers?

Outbound dialers or outbound auto-dialers are computer telephony integration (CTI) systems that automatically make outbound calls to potential callers from the call center or business number. The sales agent or customer care executive will set up the system with their call center solution so that the solution can generate automated outbound calls from the CRM system. In traditional calling systems, the agents had to dial each number manually. It was a tedious task. But with the advent of various outbound dialers like predictive dialers & progressive dialers, it becomes easy to dial prospects. With auto-dialers, the agents become productive and make them stay active for calls.

Popular Types of Outbound Dialers

There are four different types of outbound dialers. These are:

  • Progressive dialers: These dialers will automatically put another call; currently in the queue & connect to the agent as soon as the earlier call gets over. Progressive dialers benefit brands and businesses that receive frequent customer queries or companies wanting to generate quality leads.

  • Preview dialers: These auto-dialers provide agents with options to take some time to prepare themselves for gathering facts before call initiation.

  • Power dialers: These are less popular & entirely work by making automated outbound calls from a list of numbers set by customer care executives.

  • Predictive dialers: These are multi-purpose auto-dialers that can predict when the customer care agent will finish its call. Based on that, the predictive dialer prepares another call & increases the agents' productivity.

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Why Do Businesses Need Outbound Dialers?

There are numerous reasons businesses need outbound dialers to enhance customer care services. Some of them are:

Since enterprises can integrate CRM solutions into their call center software, outbound dialers can automatically initiate calls to potential customers as per CRM details as part of the marketing campaign.

With an automated outbound dialing feature, customer care executives can manage massive call volumes swiftly. It also brings better ROI because the agents do not sit idle. They constantly keep attending to customer queries.

Without outbound auto-dialers, customer care agents had to dial large strings of numbers for extensive call volumes manually. It reduces overall business productivity.

Business executives can schedule automated calls and SMSs to target audiences as business campaigns. Through such solutions, brands can better reach target audiences during new product launches.

It provides an enhanced customer experience. Businesses can better connect to their potential leads through outbound dialers because most modern outbound dialers like Knowlarity come with personalized regional greetings and customized (regional-language-specific) hold music.

Businesses can easily integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions with modern outbound dialers to make automated dialing easier. Also, such dialers can integrate IVR solutions with a human-like voice. As the customer answers the auto-dialer call, the system can appropriately redirect them to the suitable agent.

Outbound dialers feature call recording and reporting, enabling top-level executives to pull actionable insights from communications and analytics reports.


Outbound dialers have become an integral part of the modern business ecosystem. We hope this article has given a crisp idea of outbound dialers, their types, and why businesses should leverage such services. If you want a top-class outbound dialer for your business, try Knowlarity. It tops the list among all call center service providers for its excellent outbound calling services and features.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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