Why Does Your Business Need a Missed Call Solution?

Aug 19, 2022

A missed call solution has been in the market for many years, and it is effective as before. We all have used this service or seen our family members using it. Not sure about this? Remember those days when everybody was crazy to make missed calls so that their favourite reality show contestant would win the prize? 

At present, things have changed a bit, but businesses have found other ways to use a missed call solution for their benefit. With the help of this blog, we will discuss its benefits of it so that you can understand why your business is in need of missed call solutions. Let’s roll.

1. Hassle-free opt-ins and opt-outs

Promoting your new products and pushing notifications pertaining to upcoming sales are definitely good business practices. But it is imperative to understand that they get annoying sometimes and make a negative impression on customers.

There are times when customers simply want to unsubscribe from such alerts so that they can focus on their work. In case you make the process complicated for them, they may take a bigger step and leave your brand forever.

Besides, pestering uninterested customers is just a waste of time and resources. Therefore, you should put effort where you can hope to succeed. 

To keep your customer base intact, you should provide a missed call number to customers so that they can opt out easily. Similarly, they can use it to opt-in as well. In simple words, the more you make the customer experience pleasant, the longer the relationship will be.

2. Easier customer feedback collection

Collecting customer feedback is crucial because you get valuable insights that help you enhance the quality of your services and products. Companies that take this lightly generally struggle with poor customer retention and brand image. At the same time, competitors try to exploit this to grow their customer base further.

Keep one thing in mind that both positive and negative customer feedback are essential because good reviews reveal the factors that make your brand unique, while negative ones make you aware of the hidden problems of your offerings. 

You should get missed call solution from a reputed provider like Knowlarity to collect customer feedback with no hassle. Whenever customers give a missed call, they get a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) menu in return. 

They just need to choose an option to share their feedback with you. Since they don’t have to speak with a brand representative, there’s a likelihood that they share their feedback more frequently.

Customers generally avoid sharing their feedback over mediums like a telephone call, email, etc., because they believe it will kill their precious time. Therefore, it should be safe to say that missed call solution is the best call here.

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3. Effective outbound calling campaigns

Generally, outbound calls end within a minute because callers feel that the person on the other side just wants to sell products or services. However, you can enjoy effective outbound calling campaigns with the help of missed call number service.

Let’s say you conduct a poll in which people can share their opinion by making a missed call. After receiving their input, you just need to reach the participants. Indeed, they will speak with your outbound call centre agents because they know the context.

Now, it totally depends on your agents how they can convince callers during the conversation and convert them into quality leads. Once done, it will be a matter of time for your marketing team to convert leads into new customers.


Missed call numbers can drive amazing results if you use them in the right way. The aforementioned pointers are just an example of what you can accomplish through missed call numbers.

What's more, you most probably have got the answer to the question, 'Is my business in need of missed call solutions?'In case you want to get missed call solution, contact Knowlarity, a renowned company which has been offering a myriad of quality services for many years at a budget-friendly rate.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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