Why is virtual number essential for every business?

Dec 22,2021

Virtual numbers have gained tremendous popularity and global recognition in the modern age of advanced science and cutting-edge technology. The underlying reason behind their rising usage is their wide range of utilities and numerous advantages. Moreover, a virtual phone number is also similar to a regular phone number, with some striking dissimilarities. One such prominent difference is that a virtual phone system is not directly tethered to a telephone line or device.

Running a successful business in today's competitive world requires more than just efficiency and competence. A strong digital presence is crucial for long-term success, and having an effective website and communication cycle is essential. However, many businesses make the mistake of adding their own phone number to their website, leading to missed calls and lost potential customers.

To avoid this, it's important for businesses to have an efficient and planned communication cycle, which can be achieved through the use of virtual numbers or toll-free numbers. While toll-free virtual numbers offer a national identity, virtual mobile numbers provide a local identity, which can increase customer trust and credibility.

Virtual phone numbers confer small businesses with an economical and easy mechanism to monitor their visibility. This is precisely the reason that the vast majority of small business owners choose virtual numbers as they help to project a credible and cohesive image.

In this article, we list and explain all of the benefits that virtual number solutions can provide to small businesses.

What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual number, also known as Direct Inward Dialing (DID) or access number, is a telephone number that does not rely on a traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or landline. Instead, it connects to phone networks through the internet. During a call, the audio signal is transformed into data which is then transmitted to a device connected to the cloud. Call automation software then converts the data back into audio signals, allowing calls to be made and answered on any device connected to the cloud, including mobile phones, desk phones, and softphones.

Why Do Businesses Need Virtual Numbers?

A virtual number solution can provide multiple advantages to enterprises, providing a substantial boost to their operational performance. What makes it a more popular choice for business owners and startups is its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This innovative communication technology can serve as a replacement for traditional business phone numbers, greatly augmenting communication capabilities. The feature of call forwarding allows all incoming calls on these numbers to be seamlessly transferred to different numbers, significantly enhancing the convenience of managing business calls.

Virtual phone numbers provide an affordable and efficient solution for businesses to enhance their communication cycle, and can offer a range of added benefits. One of the most notable benefits of these numbers is that customers remain unaware of the transfer of calls occurring in the backend, enabling uninterrupted communication.

Additionally, one can get virtual numbers to streamline the communication process, simplifying it and making it user-friendly. This makes it possible for businesses to have a dedicated number for communication purposes, which helps protect their privacy. Moreover, virtual numbers offer a plethora of added features, including but not limited to forwarding incoming calls. These include a range of features such as IVR and auto-receptionist.

Benefits of Using Virtual Phone Numbers for Businesses

Virtual numbers serve as a valuable tool in bridging the communication gap between customers and entities. Moreover, advancements in innovative technology have made it incredibly flexible for customers to connect with your business, regardless of their physical location. Below, we shall explore the various facets that state the vitality of virtual numbers in modern business practices.

Builds Professionalism and Credibility

Having a virtual phone number can significantly increase the professionalism and credibility of a business. When customers see a business with a local or toll-free number, they are more likely to trust the business and view it as a legitimate and professional organization. Additionally, virtual numbers give businesses the flexibility to choose any area code or country code, making it easy to appear as a local business, even if the business operates in a different region or country.

Promotes Cost Savings

One of the most significant advantages of virtual mobile numbers is the cost savings they provide. With virtual numbers, businesses do not need to invest in expensive hardware or traditional phone lines. Instead, they can use their existing devices, such as smartphones or laptops, to make and receive calls. This can significantly reduce the costs associated with traditional phone lines, such as installation fees, long-distance charges, and maintenance costs.

Privacy and Security

Virtual number solutions provide businesses with increased privacy and security. With traditional phone lines, businesses need to provide their physical address and phone number, which can make them vulnerable to fraud or unwanted solicitations. However, with virtual numbers, businesses can keep their physical address private and use call screening and blocking features to filter out unwanted calls.

Call recording:

The call recording feature in the virtual number solution will record and save the incoming and outgoing calls in an easily accessible manner for further references. Integrating the virtual number India in your business, you can easily record inbound and outbound calls in real-time. It will be helpful for you to hear the queries and suggestions of the customers later and maintain your business quality standards.

Further, this feature will automatically let the customer know that the call is being recorded, and make it perfectly safe from a legal point of view. For instance, you received a very imperative call where the customer told you to call back, but you got diverted during the call. However, you can pay attention to the call recording after the customer call is finished and be certain that you have a call back number of that customer.

Virtual Number Solution

International numbers:

The International virtual numbers are used to connect with the customers worldwide. You can use this solution to transfer international calls from your virtual phone number to another phone number or line in another country. Integrating the virtual number solution, you can connect with multiple countries to optimize your business operations globally. It will allow you to create a presence in your desired country without being physically present there.

Using this highly useful international virtual number solution, you can get a reliable and affordable way to support the customers or grow your business around the globe. In addition, you can save costs for opening the office and appointing the staff in your business. You can exploit the virtual number solutions in your business to maintain an excellent relationship with global customers from around the world.

Concurrent calls:

Having numerous numbers for your business dealership means the customer has to go through numerous steps to find the number of closest agents. When setting up an Indian virtual number in your business, you can respond to a limitless number of concurrent inbound and outbound calls by increasing the agent’s efficiency.

Using the virtual number solution, you can attend many calls with one number. When the customer calls your virtual number, it will be automatically routed and connected to the available agents. As a result it will provide a seamless experience you can provide to the customer by reducing the waiting time using maximum agent’s competence. Start using the virtual phone number to enhance your service and productivity.

Multi-lingual support:

Technological breakthroughs and global economic constancy are continually opening new avenues for enterprises to cash on. Having excellent customer service abilities is the finest approach to watch your business develop to new heights. Using the virtual number in your business, you can automate the calling campaigns, which are customized on IVR for English, Hindi and regional custom messages.

Satisfied customers are the lifeblood for your business, and making it is the greatest way to thrive in customer service. This multi-lingual support feature is helpful for your business to overcome language barriers that could have come in the way of your profits. So you should get every detail of the virtual number before using it from the virtual number provider in India.

Shift to virtual number solution:

Finally, once you start using the virtual number solution, you will notice its efficiency in your business. Thus the details mentioned above will be helpful for you to know the significance of virtual numbers in your business. If you are looking forward to getting the virtual number solution for your business, you can Contact Knowlarity, the leading cloud communication service provider. They offer virtual numbers to track and analyze the communication workflows of your organizations.

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