Why You Need A Toll Free Number: A Free Guide

Dec 28, 2022

Business marketing and connecting customers through phone calls have drastically shifted from traditional calls to toll-free ones. The cut-throat competition and innovative business strategies are compelling businesses to leave no stone unturned and implement all possible measures to reach customers and increase customer traction for better ROI.

A survey revealed that around 94% of customers prefer calling a business after exploring a product and before buying it online. This exhibits why toll-free numbers can be beneficial to a business. This article is a quick guide on why we need toll-free numbers and how to get toll-free numbers.

Why We Need Toll-Free Numbers

There are plenty of reasons why businesses should opt for a toll-free number. This calling system provides short-term and long-term benefits while significantly reducing costs and increasing the return on investment. Without further ado, let's understand why businesses need toll-free numbers.

- Seamless customer service

Customers prefer to communicate with a business that offers free calling services. Customers need to contact a brand before purchasing a product or item and post-purchasing for queries or resolving issues.

That is where brands can provide toll-free numbers to ensure uninterrupted and smooth communication between the support team or customer care agents and customers. For leveraging toll-free solutions, businesses should know how to get toll-free numbers.

- Render low-cost marketing campaigns

Carrying out marketing campaigns is ridiculously challenging because it becomes difficult to manage such campaigns. Moreover, the cost incurred to plan such campaigns increases with conventional methods. That is where enterprises need toll-free numbers.

Toll-free numbers help potential leads approach the business without a second thought. Brands also mention these numbers in their digital marketing ads so that customers can reach brands seamlessly. Taking feedback and solving queries also become easy for businesses through toll-free numbers at a low budget.

- Toll-free numbers are portable

Customers across the country can reach the brand through toll-free numbers. So businesses do not have to switch to a different number while relocating to another state or area. Again, these numbers are portable—meaning brands can maintain their old number to receive critical business calls.

So, businesses do not have to move to new numbers to switch from old toll-free systems to modern cloud-based toll-free calling services. Such a portability power evades businesses from facing conflicts in handling customer communications.

Why Your Business Need Toll Free Number

- Strengthens brand image

Branding is not a one-day task. It needs time and dedication to transform a small business into a big brand. Businesses often leverage toll-free number services to provide free calls to customers. It increases brand value because customers do not have to pay to reach the brand.

Every modern business is customer-driven. So, enterprises should take the extra step to help customers by providing a 24x7 calling service. A toll-free service like Knowlarity can deliver a seamless calling option to strengthen your brand value.

- Automatic call routing

With traditional calling services, customers have to wait in the queue of calls to get to a customer care executive and solve queries. However, toll-free solutions eliminate the need for wait time due to the call routing feature.

Modern toll-free services come with an automatic call-routing feature that redirects customer calls to a suitable customer care executive or agent as soon as that person becomes available after attending the existing call. Such a feature reduces turnaround time and renders more rapid customer service by boosting agents' productivity.

How to Get a Toll-Free Number

Getting toll-free services is very easy these days. You can try any toll-free (cloud-based) number service provider like Knowlarity. Once you determine the service provider, check the features they provide in the toll-free calling service.

Choose the prefix number and the package & make the payment by supplying the KYC documents. The provider will give the service with a dashboard, and you are good to go.

Conclusion We hope this article provided a concrete idea of why businesses need a toll-free number and how to get toll-free numbers for business.

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Written By:  Divya Shukla


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