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June 3, 2021

Yoga+ is a Manila-based fitness company that aims to make yoga available to everyone, regardless of their gender, age, weight and level of flexibility. The Filipino company goes by the motto that yoga is for “every body and everybody”. Yoga+ aspires to be the first step in the journey to achieve a balanced mind, body and spirit. It envisions a world where everyone has a chance to practice yoga in its various styles.

The need

Yoga+ runs 3 studios in the heart of Manila: BGC, Ortigas and Makati. It needed a single display number for all its branches — one that would connect the caller to the right department, and allow the company to communicate its schedule, fees and offers.

Knowlarity’s Solution

Knowlarity’s flagship product SuperReceptionist was just the right tool for the company. It helped set up a system that could handle all incoming calls for all its branches. Any caller who dialed the signature display number was greeted with an IVR with 6 extensions. The caller could now be forwarded to the right department (for enquiries or offers).

Once the caller picked his preferred extension, he would then be directed to an executive from the corresponding studio. If the official phone was unreachable, the call was forwarded to the mobile phone of an executive. This ensured that every call that came in was responded to at the earliest. Yoga+ was not missing leads anymore.

Yoga+ could also customize its IVR messages for each branch, and change it as often as required, thanks to the easy web interface provided by SuperReceptionist. The same interface was used by its executives to monitor and track calls through call logs and recordings.

Knowlarity provides a stable and reliable telephony system that is quick to deploy and easy to manage. Yoga+ has been able to publish one single number linked to all its branches in the heart of Manila.

To know how you too can benefit from cloud telephony, call us on (+63) 26406899 or email us at globalsales@knowlarity.com

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