5 Ways Cloud Telephony Can Help Businesses Go Green

Dec 22, 2022

The desire to "go green" is more massive than ever in the modern world. The bulk of their data centers is converting to renewable energy sources due to big IT corporations taking note.

Due to the new hype surrounding cloud computing, businesses have discovered that transferring over to a public cloud & may increase flexibility and scalability while lowering costs. They might not be aware, though, that the cloud has advantages for the environment & their workplace.

Businesses worldwide are increasingly embracing cloud computing for various good reasons, but cloud telephony is another unnoticed but important rider on the same cloud wave. Irrespective of the business industry, cloud telephony can be a boon. So, let’s see how cloud-based communication can help businesses go green!

How Can Cloud Telephony be a Boon in Going Green?

All businesses must adopt green business practices, regardless of their size or resources. Here’s how you can do it with cloud telephony.

1. Cutting Down on Energy-Intensive Infrastructure

A private branch exchange (PBX) or on-premise communication system uses electricity for successful operation. Continuous operations use up energy and generate a significant carbon impact.

Solutions for cloud telephony do away with the requirement for redundant infrastructure and such power-hungry machines. Additionally, organizations can use the cloud to combine all of their communication needs.

By doing so, internal and external communications are further optimized, and superfluous hardware, such as landlines, telephones & intricate wiring, is no longer required. A cloud-based communication system will also drastically lower your company's monthly costs and invoices.

2. Adopting a Paperless Working Model

The majority of office employment has come to be defined by paperwork. With cloud communications, this might alter, though. Employees don't need to print out several copies of the same document to coordinate with one another. Internal communication methods like paper invitations & posters can be replaced with outgoing IVR and SMS campaigns.

Consequently, you can reduce the paper and other office supplies you use. Furthermore, the cloud can store private customer and corporate data. Making backup copies and wasting resources is not necessary.

Reputable cloud telephony service providers guarantee prompt backups and total dependability even during emergencies. Consequently, cloud-based communication might make your company a wholly virtual and eco-friendly business.

3. Optimizing Hardware Use

Businesses are dynamic & scalable infrastructure is necessary for smooth operations. The same cannot be facilitated with an on-premise PBX. It needs frequent upgrades and intensive maintenance; every few years, these must be replaced, rendering outdated hardware and infrastructure.

Switching to a cloud-based PBX allows instant scalability with only one click. The service provider's end also performs timely server and software upgrades. These features guarantee that you always have the newest technology and are prepared for any change in call volume while using less power and money!

Cloud Telephony Infographics

4. Using Renewable Energy

Cloud data centers are now using renewable energy to power their facilities. Large corporations are already taking steps in this manner to lessen the environmental impact of carbon footprints, including Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Call centers operate continuously around the clock, using a significant quantity of fuel and electricity. By switching to cloud telephony, you can lessen this environmental harm without sacrificing your company's connectivity or productivity.

5. Migrating to Eco-Friendly Marketing

Old-fashioned methods of marketing & promotion like handing out pamphlets, erecting hoardings & posters use a tonne of paper & take up a lot of your employees' time and effort.

Voice broadcasting, bulk SMS marketing, and missed call services are a few cloud telephony tools that can replace your company's marketing activities while boosting them. You may contact your target audience with voice broadcasting.

Solutions for cloud telephony can revolutionize your marketing and advertising tactics while minimizing your carbon footprint.

The Bottom Line

The imperative of the hour is to prioritize the earth, whether in thought or action. Your first step toward building a sustainable business could be to employ cloud telephony.

Green business techniques must be incorporated into every element of the enterprise, from production to sale. It has been shown to aid in improving brand perception in addition to long-term benefits. Ready to reap the advantages of cloud-based communication and make your business sustainable?

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Written By:  Divya Shukla


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