8 Major Benefits of Using Automatic Call Distribution

June 24, 2022

Companies use two tools to run their call centre operations perfectly. The first one is an outbound auto dialer, and the second one is an automatic call distribution system. Both play a pivotal role in handling inbound and outbound calls.

Outbound auto dialer automatically makes calls according to the list so that agents do not have to dial numbers one by one. In contrast, the automatic call distribution system helps with call routing to ensure that each inbound call ends on a positive note.

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If you are sceptical about using the automatic call distribution system, here are 8 major benefits to consider so that you can make the right choice for your business:

1. Promises a low response time

One of the major benefits of using ACD is that you can lower your response time to a large extent, which means your customers will be connected to your support team quickly. Plus, ACD intelligently routes the call so that each query gets resolved by the right agent. It improves the overall CSAT score and shows your brand's commitment to delivering the best support experience.

2. High productivity

When you use an auto dialer and automatic call distribution system, your business productivity will likely skyrocket. The reason is that the auto dialer will prevent manual errors and ensure maximum calls in a day, whereas ACD will ensure that each query reaches the right department. Consequently, it leads to a faster solution and increases agents' job satisfaction.

3. Cost reduction

Having a dedicated team to transfer calls across various departments could be time-consuming and expensive. With the help of ACD, such unnecessary expenses can be easily skipped. In addition, the possibility of improving a first call resolution also increases, which reduces the cost per call.

4. Cloud-based system

An ACD system does not need any specific hardware or software installation as it is based on the cloud, which means businesses can use it as long as they have a good internet connection. Plus, the requirement of working from the office also gets eliminated for good, which lets you offer the remote work facility to your support team.

5. Improves brand image

Undoubtedly, ensuring fantastic customer experiences contributes significantly to building a solid brand image. By bringing an auto dialler and automatic call distribution system together, you can offer customers an immersive voice support experience. An auto dialer helps you clear call-back requests, while the ACD system enables your team to answer maximum daily calls. Of course, this is enough to bring a smile to customers' faces, resulting in positive reviews on the internet.

6. Smooth software integration

Another benefit of using an automatic call distribution system is that you can integrate it with technologies like IVR, CTI, etc. After integration, the ACD system can share detailed information related to callers, like name, call history, previously encountered issues, etc., with agents. It helps with providing satisfactory resolutions in an instant. What's more, agents can personalise each call to make an impression on customers that they are speaking with an expert. It is good as far as WOMM (word-of-mouth marketing) is concerned.

7. Improved efficiency

Whether you are using an outbound auto dialer or ACD system, you will likely witness better work efficiency because these tools empower agents to focus on what they do best. You should not neglect this benefit because making calls or manually distributing them consumes a great deal of time, which somewhere impacts agents' efficiency.

8. Hassle-free collaborations

Last but not least, the ACD system promises smoother collaborations across all the departments. Features like teleconferencing, whispering, etc., pave the way for hassle-free collaborations so that experts from different departments can step in to resolve complicated issues.

Such smooth collaborations ensure that customers don't have to go from one department to another and explain the same issue repeatedly. It enhances their calling experience and establishes the bond of trust.

If you are interested in the benefits of ACD and willing to use it to ensure a better support experience, contact Knowlarity.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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