Advantages of Using Virtual Numbers for Your Business: Enhancing Flexibility, Reach & Customer Support

Feb 20, 2023

Virtual numbers are a super powerful tool acting as a communication channel enhancer for many businesses. It also has the potential to improve customer service for any business.

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of virtual numbers for any business & how you can also avail yourself advantages like enhanced flexibility, improved reach & better customer support.

What Are Virtual Numbers?

Virtual numbers, also called DID numbers (Direct Inward Dialing), are those not directly connected or associated with a physical phone line. Instead, these are a set of phone numbers present virtually.

Virtual phone numbers are majorly used by businesses to maintain a professional appearance. Individuals wishing to keep their phone numbers private, also prefer using virtual numbers for business purposes.

The working of virtual numbers is very simple yet effective as they forwarded incoming calls to designated devices or phone numbers. These can be your mobile phones, computer systems, or laptops as well.

This means when you get an incoming call on a virtual number, you can answer it from anywhere as long as your device is connected to the internet.

Why Does Your Business Need A Virtual Number?

As a business starts expanding geographically, the number of customers increases & this is the time a business needs to look for more ways to get connected with its customers.

One such way for any company to streamline their communication & improve their productivity is by using virtual number for small business. There could be several reasons why your business requires a virtual number.

The very first in the list is that it allows a business to expand its customer reach & let the business operate at multiple locations with no physical presence as well. Virtual numbers help businesses without establishing physical offices & without hiring staff.

It not only helps you expand your business beyond boundaries but also helps you connect with a wide range of new customers from different areas of the world. It increases the customer base & improves customer service.

Second, on the list is its ability to re-route or forward calls to different devices. This feature of virtual numbers plays a very important role in managing your business calls in a more efficient way.

Different virtual numbers can be assigned to different departments of a company or to different employees & now calls can be routed easily to associated devices even if they are not in the office.

Last but not least is privacy. Virtual numbers make sure to protect your personal phone number from your business contacts. This helps a lot in maintaining a professional image & also improves work-life balance.

Now let’s have a look at some major advantages of virtual number for enterprise that makes them a must-have for your business.

Must-Have Reasons To Buy Virtual Numbers

Enhanced Flexibility

Virtual numbers allow a business to be more flexible in terms of communication approach. With the help of virtual numbers, a business can receive calls on any device, be it a desktop computer or a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. This means that virtual numbers are making your business reachable at any time & from any location.

This kind of flexibility is extremely important for businesses where either employees work remotely or they work across different time zones.

Another form of flexibility offered by virtual numbers is their ability to call forwarding. They can forward calls to different devices depending upon the availability of the staff & time of the day.

A business can choose to forward calls to a mobile phone during the daytime while to a landline phone during the evening hours. This type of flexibility is important for a business so that they are always available & contactable for their customers. This goes beyond their location & time of the day.

Better Reach

Any expanding business globally needs virtual numbers for getting local reach in a new country. Virtual numbers help businesses improve their reach by supporting them with local & national presence without physical presence.

A business based in the middle east, but that wishes to expand to western countries can use the virtual number with the area code of the targeted region. The new customers will get the impression that the business is based in their region only which helps a lot in building trust, credibility, & local presence along with potential customers.

These same numbers can also be used to create a presence in a new area in the same country as well. Instead of using a foreign area code, the local area code can be used to reach new regions in the country itself. This surely helps in expanding the customer base in the country itself & improves revenue as well.

Improved Customer Support

Virtual numbers are a great tool for any business to improve its customer support. They offer a direct line of contact to the business which enhances customer satisfaction.

By using virtual phone numbers, your business can ensure that your customers can reach you anytime & from anywhere. A customer is always able to get through to an agent without navigating through a complex phone system or waiting on hold for a long time.

Enhancing Flexibility, Reach & Customer Support

The additional services offered by the virtual number providers can also help in improving customer experience. Additional services like call routing or voicemail play an essential role in improving customer services.

The voicemail feature can be used for providing important information to the customers like service updates or the opening/closing hours, etc. Similarly, the call routing feature can be used to direct customers to the most appropriate agent, depending on the issue.

Virtual numbers also help in improving the efficiency of customer support by enabling businesses to track calls & measure the level of customer satisfaction. The call analytic tools can be used by businesses to gain insights like the number of calls received, the average wait time, the resolution rate of customer queries, and others.

This recorded data can be used later on for identifying the improvement areas, implementing changes, training agents, & others, which eventually improves the customer experience. It is one of the best cloud telephony solutions that is helping n number of businesses with customer growth.


Virtual Numbers are a great tool to be used by businesses for improving their communication channel, customer service, customer base, audience reach & a lot more.

Looking for an answer to how to buy virtual number?

There are a lot of online providers offering virtual number services. It could be hard to understand which one is offering the best deal & can actually benefit your business. The best way is to clearly understand your business needs, requirements, & expectations from virtual numbers.

This will help you make the right choice. Knowlarity is one of the best virtual numbers providers in the market currently.

The improvement in flexibility, reach & customer support offered by virtual numbers is making businesses more reachable by their customers, allowing them to be contactable all the time & also giving businesses the freedom to expand beyond boundaries.

If you are a business looking to enhance your communication channel & wish to improve your customer service at the same time, virtual numbers are worth considering.

Feel free to reach out to Knowlarity with your questions & get the needed information with the best cloud telephony solutions at your fingertips.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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