Benefits & Limitations of Number Masking

Dec 5, 2022

What is Number Masking & How Does it Work?

Number masking is a method for protecting both the caller's and a support agent's phone numbers. Masked phone numbers are the most effective approach to protecting private information and priceless consumer data. It is essential to the operation of cloud telephony systems.

It’s a software configuration that establishes a communication link between two parties while concealing each party's phone number. It is the most reliable method of protecting a customer's identity so that it can be protected and remain legal.

In addition to protecting both parties' anonymity, number masking enables them to connect via a third-party proxy phone number that connects the conversation and accomplishes the intended outcome.

But how does it work? When a caller dials the service number, the number masking software sends the call to a different number. Through this proxy connection, the customer and the service provider are connected. After the call is over, the proxy number returns to the pool and is used for another connection.

Now that we know what Number masking is, let’s move to its perks and limitations.

Benefits & Limitations of Number Masking

The privacy of clients and employees within a company can be protected through number masking, among other things. Let's look at some ways in which number masking benefits businesses.

Protecting identity: Businesses can use a virtual number as a customer-facing number by using number masking. Businesses can effortlessly map their agents' mobile numbers with the use of this tool, providing a safe atmosphere for customer interactions.

Better customer experience: The quality of the customer experience is improved by using a masked phone number, which also helps to bind clients to your brand over time and increase brand loyalty.

Oversee Communication: You can start a call with just one click when using a call masking service. It boosts the client engagement experience while saving time and effort, which is very advantageous for the expansion of any organization.

Call Masking Solution

Secure Transaction: Number masking services for the real estate industry is the most effective technique to prevent personal transactions and limit the stakeholders to positive business interactions. You can completely safeguard your transactions by using a third-party proxy and a masked phone number.

But is it all advantageous with number masking? No. number masking has some drawbacks too. Let’s look at those.

Tracking down caller: The inability to easily identify the caller in the event of a crisis is one of the key disadvantages of number masking. This is the case because the number stays hidden.

Additional expenses: The necessity for enterprises to purchase a proxy server to route calls is another downside. Because of this, number masking can become highly expensive.

Affect call quality: Call quality issues can arise from call masking. This is because using a proxy server occasionally causes the call to lag, which makes it challenging to comprehend the person on the other end.

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In addition to protecting callers' and customers' personal information, number masking highlights how companies can enhance their offerings and implement effective customer retention strategies.

Masked phone numbers are nothing short of a gift. They aid companies in achieving effective, pleasant, and timely consumer communication. You can create a specific brand image, record calls, analyze them, and try to run a very effective business with the help of masked phone numbers.


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Written By:  Divya Shukla


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