Dealing with Electronics Becomes Easy with IVR Services

June 20, 2019

Sumit Sharma and Sons Pvt Ltd. is a company with 4 branches across India. They are well known for providing quick services like repair, replacement, and exchange of any electronic appliances. They majorly deal with home appliances.

Over the past 2 years, the company was facing a few problems:

1) Difficulty to collect caller information: The company received more than a hundred calls every day. The customers used to call the company to avail different services related to the products. It was a tough task to keep a record of the caller’s information and calls.

2) Urgent and VIP callers: Every company has regular customers and a few special customers who frequently use their services. However, due to a huge volume of calls and lack of agents, they were unable to recognize them.

3) Waste of time in transferring calls: As the company offered different services like the sale, exchange, replacement, and repair of electronic home appliances, they got calls for the same. There are different agents for all these services, but transferring the calls manually to them was a difficult task.

4) High operation cost: Hiring employees to handle customers’ calls and having a good setup for the same, increased the operational cost of the company. The company wanted to reduce this cost as they did not have enough funds.

5) Lack of professionalism: The call waiting time, not being greeted well and lack of timely solutions for the calls and missing the customers’ calls depicted a lack of a professional image of the company.

To tackle these problems, the company took the help of IVR services.

What are IVR services?

Integrated voice response (IVR) is a system where the companies’ calls are answered by a prerecorded voice. This voice is recorded by the company according to the need of their clients. The clients navigate through the call to find a solution to their problem by using numbers on their keypad. IVR services can be up to many levels making it more convenient for the callers.

How did IVR services help?

IVR services helped in the following ways:

Collecting basic information about the caller like phone number, name, geographical location, and other factors. Identifying the valued and most frequently calling customers to provide them priority services. Reducing wastage of time in transferring of calls to different agents for addressing a customer’s queries. Reducing operational cost, as the IVR service system helps the customers to navigate through the call and reach the right agent. Thus eliminating the middle agents. Providing a professional image to the company. Customers were able to reach the company anytime from anywhere.

How to get an IVR service?

You can get IVR solutions from any cloud telephony service provider. To know more about it and how Knowlarity can help you out, Visit Our Website

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