Different Features Of Call Management

Nov 30, 2022

Every company is a customer-driven company. If the customers are happy and satisfied, your business will thrive. The company's ability to handle customer phone calls and interact adequately makes them stand out from the rest. That is where most brands prefer to use call management services. Numerous call management benefits are there that businesses can leverage to cater to effective call management.

Call tracking and monitoring are some benefits of leveraging a call management service. This article is a crisp walkthrough of the call management services & call management benefits. We will also discuss costing and which call management solution to opt for excellent service.

What is Call Management?

Call management in call centers provides comprehensive tracking of incoming and outgoing calls. It also draws insights into how businesses make the calls, call time, customer retention rate, agents' productivity, staff training, outgoing calls, online campaigns, business KPIs, and other metrics. Modern call management services use cloud technology to store call recordings for better customer experience, agent training & quality control purposes. Call centers can integrate call management services with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Call management services and solutions can also perform skill-based routing, time-based routing, round-robin call management, etc. Let us explore some call management benefits.

Call Management Benefits

There are numerous features of call management solutions that turned out to be their benefits. Some prominent features are:

  • Easy to use: Most call management solutions are easy to use because of the simple interface and design. A complex solution in call management services will make it difficult for customer care agents to handle the solution. It is because most customer care agents do not remain technically sound. But the interface of call management services in call centers remains simple.

  • Real-time monitoring with analytics: With real-time monitoring & analytics, the top executives can keep a close eye on the campaigns. Customer care agent leads can also monitor agents' performance. With call management services in place, monitoring services have become more seamless & effective. By gauging real-time insights, call center executives can take proactive actions & train the agents for the future. Analyzing real-time insights also helps the business understand the lead.

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  • Seamless tracking of agents' KPIs: Call management benefits in tracking agents' KPIs and call-related acumen. These insights include average response time, customer satisfaction time, call abandonment rate, successfully solving rate, etc., to know the success of the call operations. All these metrics can also help accurately measure the agents' performance & where they need more training.

  • Call forwarding and answering services: Call centers often require transferring customer calls from one agent to the other. Based on the skills or availability, this routing or transferring takes place. Call management solutions can effectively manage multiple calls as per customer requirements. Modern call management solutions also come with call answering services where if the agents are not available, the call management will answer to solve with simple IVR. As soon as the agents are free to respond to customers, the call management solution forwards the call to that agent.

  • Cost-effective solution: Modern call management software costing is more petite because they use cloud-based services and VoIP calling. All the call recordings get stored in the cloud & the entire solution remains hosted in cloud servers. Also, VoIP uses internet connectivity to communicate. Thus, call management software costing is significantly less than traditional call center solutions.

  • Seamless CRM integration: Call management benefits call centers through seamless integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Through such integration with filtering mechanisms, it becomes easy for call center agents to target the right customers & potential leads. Call management services with auto-dialers and call trackers can also filter unwarranted numbers to enhance business productivity.


Other than call management software costing, IVR integration, and call forwarding, it is also scalable due to cloud support. We hope this article delivered a crisp perspicuity about call management benefits. If you want call management software costing less than what you think, tap Knowlarity It caters to a reliable yet cost-effective call management service.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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