Explain Auto Dialers And Outbound Dialers & How To Choose The Right One

Jan 11, 2023

Building an efficient customer support team is critical for providing a superior experience consistently. To build a better customer experience, organizations must build an ecosystem in which the customer support team is empowered with the right support system. One of the ways this can be done effectively is by opting for an autodialer.

What is An Auto Dialer?

Auto dialer is an outbound dialer for automatic calling. It can be used by a business to automatically dial phone numbers for customer service, sales, or any other business objective. It is particularly useful in automatically dialing numbers using a cloud telephony service provider. An auto dialer service essentially brings efficiency to call center operations

Various types of auto dialers are available in the market. It is important to know the difference between each to select the right one for the business.

What are the Different Types of Auto Dialers?

There are different types of auto dialers available on the market. Here are the different types of auto dialers based on the various use cases:

  • Preview Dialer

A preview dialer helps a business preview the customer information before making the call. This is helpful in the agent deciding if they want to place the particular call or skip it based on the preview information available. With the right information available at the right time, the preview dialer comes in handy for complex customer cases that require result-oriented calling.  

  • Progressive Dialer

A progressive dialer is designed to continuously make calls as soon the agent is done with their current call. This type of dialer is useful for businesses that are looking at making more connections with customers and increasing the number of sales. The use of a progressive dialer can also reduce the number of abandoned and silent calls.  

  • Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is the advanced version of a progressive dialer. It can call multiple phone numbers at the same time. Also, it can divide the picked-up calls between available agents in real-time. These types of dialers are the most effective option available. These are used to increase the number of connections between customers and agents. A business can decide on the dialing rate and speed of calling when using a predictive dialer.  

Benefits of An Auto Dialer

Now that we understand the basics of an outbound dialer and the types of dialers, it is time to look at the benefits of an autodialer. Here are the key benefits of an auto dialer service:

  • Improves Agent Productivity

Using an outbound dialer helps improve agent productivity. The team can focus on driving the conversations and achieving the set objectives. This step helps create an efficient ecosystem for business growth.

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  • Improves Call Response Rates

As technology is being used to continuously dial customers with a system that can predict customer behavior, the use of an outbound dialer helps improve call response rates. As the auto dialer service can learn and optimize operations, it is possible to improve pick-up rates and provide a better customer experience.

  • Eliminates Unproductive Contacts

An auto dialer is also able to highlight contacts that are not picking up after multiple attempts. It makes it easier for a business to eliminate unproductive contacts and improve the overall efficiency of the customer support team.

  • Effective Measurement

An auto dialer service can effectively measure results for specific campaigns and operations. With information like calls made, call received, leads generates, time on call, sales, etc., a business can track the effectiveness of operations.

  How to Select the Right Auto Dialer Service for Business?

It is important to select the right auto dialer service as per the needs of the business. Here are some things that we can consider for zeroing down on the right auto dialer:

  • Size of the Organization

It is important to consider the size of a business for selecting the right outbound dialer. If we are a large business that needs to make a lot of calls, a predictive dialer helps improve agent productivity. If we are a small business that needs to provide personalized service, a preview dialer may be better suited.

  • Type of Audience In case we need to have some level of customer information before connecting, a preview dialer is better. In cases where agents are expected to repeat the same message to the audience, a predictive dialer is better.

  • Nature of Calls

If we are announcing new offers and sharing the latest information with the customers, predictive dialers are better. However, if we are providing hyper-personalized information to a set of existing customers, a preview dialer works well.

These elements must be considered for selecting the right auto dialer service. Once we can decode the business requirements, it becomes easier to select the right outbound dialer. You can contact us for more information about our cloud telephony products & services.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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