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26 Sept, 2022

In this technology-driven era, all enterprises and business providers have numerous ways people can contact them. However, before we can reach the concerned business executive, we often have to go through human receptionists, chatbots, or an automated phone menu. This can become annoying after some time. You can't reach the business executive directly because the company does not have Direct Inward Dialing (DID) service. Here, we will discuss in detail DID number and DID number services.

What is DID number?

DID numbers, also known as Direct-Dial Numbers or Direct Dial-ins, are virtual landline numbers that optimize the call routing facility. The DID number service enables businesses to set up and route specific calls to existing virtual telephone numbers. Through this, organizations can allocate direct numbers to exact members or departments.

Businesses and call center services extensively use this service to route incoming customer calls and link them to the most appropriate agent. Through this, customer care managers can track customers' missed calls, monitor agents' interactions, average hold/calling time, etc.

How does Direct Inward Dialing work?

There are two different ways DID works. These are:

  • Through Public Switched Telephone Network: It is a traditional technique that uses the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The telephone service provider links and sets up the trunk lines to the organization's Private Branch Exchange (PBX). The direct dialing number(s) are then provided to the customers (through ads) so that they can directly reach the customer care agents. The PBX trunk line forwards the inbound call to the direct dialing number.

  • Through Voice-over Internet Protocol: VoIP is a flexible, secure, and versatile protocol that can transmit voice-over connections across the internet. Modern businesses leverage this protocol to receive and make calls without requiring physical telephone cables or in-office hardware and communication components. VoIP-based DID number services are more flexible compared with old-school analog telephone systems.

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Benefits of DID number services

DID number benefits are endless. Here are some of the most significant:

Easy to manage: With the help of DID numbers, organizations can easily manage incoming customer calls and redirect them to the right customer care executives through IVR systems. It eliminates the need for users to wait endlessly or go through human receptionists and automated telephone menus.

Enable omnipresence support: Customizing DID number services appropriately helps businesses forward customer calls to the right customer care executives' mobile or landline numbers. DID numbers benefit the business because the system can automatically transfer customer calls to all agents' phones without worrying about geolocation.

Highly scalable: Most businesses grow with time. It might pose a challenge to old communication and call center systems, but with the modern VoIP-based DID numbers, it becomes easy to accommodate new business requirements. Also, these DID number services can serve the growing number of customers in parallel with efficiency.

Intercommunication within the team: DID number is a great solution to help various units within the enterprise communicate. Also, to deliver better customer support, it is essential to have a dedicated extension between on-premise employees/agents and agents sitting overseas.

Better customer experience: Whether a startup or an MNC firm, potential customers and returning customers are essential for a business's success. But if they find accessing customer agents for solving queries difficult, it can directly impact the business. With DID number services, it becomes easy to communicate with the appropriate agents directly. It ultimately enhances the customer experience.


We hope this article has given a crisp idea of DID number services and how DID numbers benefit businesses and enterprises by leveraging direct communication support. Knowlarity is a DID number provider with all necessary features like call forwarding, automated call routing, call tracking, call recording, real-time updates, lead generation, CRM integration, etc. Contact Knowlarity for more details about their DID number service. 

Written By:  Manna Khare


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