5 takeaways from Knowlarity’s Artifical Intelligence Showcase

July 3, 2018

It is always beneficial to have a “global vision, local win” attitude, to quote Jack Ma. Startup conferences help us do just that. The industry of Artificial Intelligence is being pushed to the forefront much more in India in recent times. In our country, much of the innovation and research in the field have traditionally been driven by student-led University research. However, that is changing now. Enterprises are being built around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Knowlarity is contributing to the culture. On Saturday, June 30th, 2018, Knowlarity hosted two events along with the Awfis community showcasing and boosting Artificial Intelligence-based startups in India.

The many presentations and talks that were included in the event were presented by a variety of firms – Accenture Labs, Rhymly, and Nokia being among them. Although Artificial Intelligence by itself is an extremely broad term, it constitutes fairly specific verticals under it. Novel applications of these solutions have been used by each of these companies – in Data Analytics, Content Tech, and Machine Learning. In addition to this, there was another event before the showcase. A meetup of the Digital Futurists community, there were present CxOs from some of the most well-known names in their respective fields – like Accenture, Max Insurance, and Oracle.

Here are the 5 biggest takeaways from the event:

Finding like-minded people: When developing a new idea into a company, it can be extremely beneficial to find the right kind of people who can show their support for your venture. No company grows in a vacuum. Every company has to find the people who will be interested to know more about them, and there are no better places to do that is a showcase for the startups in your industry. Additionally, the enthusiasm and energy you receive can be infectious!

Networking opportunities with experienced entrepreneurs and tech stalwarts: It is undeniable that Artificial Intelligence is a growing industry. For it to create an economical wave for itself as an industry, the people within it can benefit from synergy. To network within the industry can be as helpful for a company’s growth as collaboration outside it.

Funding opportunities: Present in the meetup were a number of angel investors. Any startup’s growth is constrained around its finances, and the importance of finding the right investors is evident. It can escalate the chances of sustainable success for it by a significant margin. Competition is fierce to attract the attention of an angel investor – but what better place to make an impression than at a conference such as this?

Refined feedback: In a showcase, one of the most important things is feedback. It was deemed important for the quality of membership of the event extremely high. Being surrounded by people as smart or smarter than you can make a huge difference. Who knows, a few suggested tweaks in the products could make them the Next Big Thing!

Getting inspired to do your own thing: One thing that is great about such meetups is the inspiration. Those who attended who weren’t presenting or investing also had something huge to gain – inspiration. Great ideas come from great conversations, and where else would you be more likely to have more of these?

Even after 8 years of running, Knowlarity maintains the startup culture. We hope to give back to that community something that we got from it as well. Knowlarity hosts meetups in collaboration with Awfis almost every Saturday. Reach out to our social media Facebook page to know when the next one is!

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