Top 10 Benefits of Number Masking Solution

Aug 12, 2022

We, as business owners, must note that our customers weigh three things: high-quality products/services, outstanding customer care service and user data privacy. So, to keep customers' information and phone-related details private, organisations that provide customer support should leverage a number masking solution. Here, we discuss the ten benefits of number masking solutions and how to get these solutions from the right provider.

What is a phone number masking?

Phone number masking is the method to hide our phone numbers when calling or texting someone. With the ever-increasing data privacy concerns, the number masking technique has become essential for businesses. It enhances business reputation and shows professionalism to customers.

In this technique, the masking software will conceal the actual number for both parties (customer and business) with a temporary one. This technique preserves privacy in the conversation and safeguards personal information. If you wonder how to get a number masking solution, you can try Knowlarity.

What is a number masking solution?

A number masking or call masking solution is software that safeguards customer identity when they call a contact center while solving queries or issues. The software conceals the original caller's number with a dummy one to prevent the misuse of sensitive information like phone numbers and other caller details.

Such a solution acts as an anonymisation tool in business for customers. Large business transactions involving huge capital also use number masking solutions to hide their original numbers from buyers. Number masking for the real estate industry is one such example.

10 benefits of number masking solution

Aids in better campaigning: If we plan to run a fundraising event or an online campaign, having a virtual call center number will not appear on the caller ID. But the number masking solution can keep track of all potential customers' numbers.

Provides number privacy: We can reluctantly use call center numbers because most modern call centers mask the customer's original number with a virtual number as the customer facing number, helping create a safe environment for conversation.

Number Masking

Helps maintain records and analysis: Call masking solutions enable the company to track incoming calls and messages, keeping the anonymity of numbers for both parties.

Ensures superior customer experience (CX): If we know that our phone number is safe and not getting exposed to any random customer service agent, it gives us (as a customer) immense satisfaction. We find it comfortable to communicate with the business executives of an organisation because our details and phone numbers are not getting leaked.

Includes the call screening feature: It is another feature that helps us (as a customer) identify the caller or brand. It also allows us to accept, decline or block the call.

Gain call responsiveness: We often decline or leave incoming calls having suspicious prefixes or caller IDs. But with a call masking solution, companies can create a local caller ID, making the number familiar to the prospects or customers.

Maintain professionalism: Companies and brands can show professionalism by leveraging number masking solutions.

Improves sales by establishing customer loyalty: We as a customer find it more reliable and trustworthy to contact those call center services where our number is safe and secure. Call masking becomes a consequential retention strategy to improve sales by winning customers' trust.

Strengthens customer base: Number masking can curb various call center flaws that can expose our privacy, building customer trust and eventually increasing the customer base.

Saves anonymous communication costs: Through a number masking solution, businesses eliminate the need for purchasing multiple local numbers for all business-related communication.

Final words

We hope you have a clear idea of the various benefits of the number masking solution. If you wonder how to get a number masking solution that can benefit your call center service, try Knowlarity. It is one of the leading call center solution providers that deliver number masking solutions and services at an affordable cost.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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