Ultimate Guide for Choosing and Using a Call Recording Software

Aug 13, 2022

Customer engagement is the utmost necessity to prosper in your business! However, it isn’t restricted to providing customer satisfaction but also looking into the holistic development of the company. Our call recording software ensures that such poignant discussions with your customers are archived and transcripted whenever required.

Our call recording services allow you to unveil loopholes in customer service, track sales pitches, and understand market trends. It is the most indispensable feature for both B2B and B2C businesses. 

Benefits of call recording services

Our call recording software solutions have many call recording benefits that go beyond conversation transcription. Following are the benefits of our call recording services in your businesses- 

  • Enhancing customer experience

The manager can supervise the agent-customer interaction with real-time monitoring features. It allows you to find lacunas and work upon them. These calls also focus on gaining feedback that the business can enhance customer experience by fulfilling their expectations. 

  • Business growth

Your business can make informed decisions through analytics and archived call records. Our call recording services allow you to inspect your company's past growth and monitor your agent’s sales pitch to work towards better sales conversion.

  • Training agents 

Monitoring your agents' sales pitches makes you acquainted with the gaps to understand their productivity. The archives are a significant source for organising hands-on training for new employees.

  • Source for lawsuits

Businesses should remain alert all the time. In times of lawsuits or disputes, call recordings are an indispensable feature for analysing customer interaction, customer behaviour, and other case-sensitive data.

Finding the best call recording software 

There are various advantages of our call recording software solutions. However, as these are readily available, our following list would allow you to look into specific features before purchasing the best call recording software. 

  • Identify problem areas

Analysing your business prospect is necessary before undertaking any important decision. A prior investigation concerning your sales and employees is essential to communicate your prospects to your desired service providers. 

  • Easy set-up

Innovative plug-and-play solutions facilitate seamless installation of the call recording software. Moreover, its integration with your customer relationship management (CRM) tool further improves your overall customer experience.

  • Auto-recording

Automated call recording services allow you to record agent-customer/stakeholder interaction without button work. Therefore, it facilitates continuous exchange.

 - Cloud storage 

Cloud storage allows easy accessibility during urgent business meetings or dispensing customers with personalised solutions. The company also stores customer information to read customer behaviour and find potential customers to improve customer engagement.

  • Text-to-speech

Storing call recording in the cloud with text-to-speech software encourages better call quality and allows you to transcript conversations whenever necessary. 

  • Interactive-voice-response system

The IVR system with call recording features lets your agents dispense customer engagement in a much more swift and efficient manner. The IVR based on customer information is used to interpret customers' behaviour and function towards fulfilling their requirements.


Based on the above, it becomes evident that our call recording software plays a significant role in identifying customers’ behaviour while simultaneously laying out your future business plans.

Its real-time analytics, while revolving around customer management, encourages you to strategies your business plans. We at Knowlarity, with our decade-long experience as a service provider, provide small and large businesses with cost-effective call recording services that are flexible with their payments.

Our smart plugin allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls while simultaneously charting customers’ data. Thus, the emphasis is on providing your business with the best cloud telephony solutions to propel your growth.

Call us at 1800-102-0340 to know our offer regarding our call recording software. You can even write to us at customersupport@knowlarity.com or visit our official website to learn more about our call recording services. We also provide other services for your business, including call masking, lead management, and toll-free numbers.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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