Use and Scope of Outbound Dialer in Different Voice Solutions

Dec 27, 2022

What is an Outbound Dialer?

An outbound dialer is a tool that brings automation to the process of the outgoing call helping the business improve productivity and efficiency. Knowlarity - one of the leading providers of automated outbound solutions enables businesses to manage their flow of outbound calls, monitor their success through outbound campaigns, enhance the user experience, etc. Powered by outbound dialer tools, businesses can help customers avail the benefits of using an automatic phone number, enabling them to skip the queues while the business boosts its productivity and efficiency.

Key Features of Automated Outbound Solutions

Knowlarity's outbound dialer comes with five key features to help every business:

  • Automation: The outbound dialer automates the outbound calling process giving businesses the opportunity to reach more customers

  • Outbound IVR: The outbound dialer lets businesses use an outbound IVR to help convey specific messages about the services or products or promotional offers or some important notifications, etc. to the customers

  • SMS Integration: Using the outbound dialers, businesses can leverage integrating automated SMSes with follow-up calls to enhance customer connectivity

  • Analytics & Insights: Knowlarity's outbound dialers enable businesses to pull weekly, monthly, or periodic reports generated from tracking, monitoring, and analyzing every call detail from everyday

  • Universal CRM Integration: Using Knowlarity's API, businesses can integrate the outbound dialer to any CRM they are currently using or plan to upgrade to, seamlessly and easily

Why do businesses Need Outbound Dialers for their Voice Solutions?

The major advantage of embracing new technology and deploying automated outbound solutions is that it gives a major boost to efficiency and productivity. Apart from that, the benefits a business can derive by deploying outbound dialers in their voice solutions include:

  • Cost Effectiveness

Deploying Knowlarity's automated outbound solutions does not require any CAPEX on the part of the business, helping them provide comprehensive outbound calling capabilities without necessitating any infrastructure requirements.

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  • Easy to Set Up and Deploy

Knowlarity's renowned smart plug-and-play capabilities are available for its automated outbound solutions as well, giving businesses the power to deploy the outbound dialer easily without needing any additional hardware.

  • Attractive ROIs

Improved customer connectivity offered by Knowlarity's outbound dialers leads to business growth, and with the minimal investment involved, also gives much more attractive ROIs.

  • Improved Customer Experience

Through Knowlarity's outbound dialers, a business can offer an optimized experience to the customers by using personalized regional greetings, customized hold music, as well as skill-based agent routing.

  • Accelerated Sales Lifecycles

With Knowlarity's automated outbound solutions, accidentally disconnected or dropped calls, busy tones, etc. are a thing of the past. This leads to much better and quicker lead conversion and customers report significantly shorter sales lifecycles.

What is the Scope of Outbound Dialers?

Here are some important use cases of Knowlarity's automated outbound solutions:

  • Optimized Campaigns

With outbound dialers, one can manage and customize campaigns that might need relatively larger volumes of outbound calls efficiently and effectively.

  • Service Renewal Calls

With minimal agent intervention, a business can process customer renewal requests instantly with Knowlarity's solutions.

  • Collecting and Tracking Feedback

Knowlarity's outbound dialers enable businesses to collect feedback in an instant, opening up the business' and its' employees' bandwidth to focus on more important tasks that actually require their attention and intervention.

  • Sending out Reminders

Businesses can send out reminders for upcoming flights or trains or bus journeys, restaurant reservations, appointments, meetings, events, bill payments, EMI payments, etc. easily using Knowlarity's outbound dialers.

  • Unparalleled Audience Reach

Knowlarity's outbound dialer can help a business reach an unimaginable number of customers at the same time with a single tap, saving them time, costs, resources, and so much more.


Knowlarity's Outbound Dialers can bring huge benefits to a business in countless ways. No matter what industry the business is functioning in, a smart outbound dialer can be customized and deployed for their specific use case, aimed at improving productivity and efficiency.

To know more about Knowlarity's Automated Outbound Solutions, visit our website here or talk to our sales team at 1800-1020-340.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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