What Are Missed Call Services & How Do I Stop Missing Phone Calls

Feb 6, 2023

Enterprises rely on call centers to deliver excellent customer service. Coherent Market Insight predicts that the global missed call alert service market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.4% from 2019 to 2027. This implies companies must boost their customer care service to keep up with the market. This article is for companies that are looking to stop missing phone calls by activating missed call alerts. It will also pinpoint how to get missed call alert services.

What are Missed Call Alert Services?

Missed call alert services are contact center solutions that help brands comprehend potential customers. Using missed call solutions, potential customers can reach your business easily. This is how it operates - brands provide customers with a number to which they can give a missed call. Each time someone calls this number, the backend system records the customer's details and alerts the customer care executives, who can ask the agents to call back the customers.

How Can Brands Stop Missing Phone Calls?

Usually, customers contact a business to clear their doubts before making a purchase, to raise a query, or to file a complaint. Being unresponsive to these tampers the brand's reputation. To avoid that and minimize the number of phone calls missed, follow these tips:

Leverage Missed Call Solutions for Call Centers

Companies can utilize missed call solutions to improve responsiveness and engage their customers better. These solutions help customer care teams figure out which customer is repeatedly contacting or which product/service is raising more queries. These and other analytics drawn from the solutions enable companies to understand their customer traction and retention rates.

Increase Agents to Manage Multiple Missed Call Alerts

Brands can opt for this option if they notice an influx in inbound calls. An increased employee strength helps handle inbound calls and attract more leads.

Extend Service Hours

Many businesses work with foreign clients who operate in different time zones. If companies can predict that potential clients might ping them during odd hours, they can leverage missed call alert services. Besides this, companies can also extend service hours by adding agents in multiple shifts to ensure those calls are not missed.

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Use Toll-Free Solutions, IVR, & Voice Bots

Businesses can use different ringing strategies, which define the type of inbound calls assigned to agents. Toll-free numbers can also help your customers contact the brand without hesitation to pay the price for calling. Voice bots are intelligent AI-powered systems that can help customers solve initial queries. That way, customers can get what they are looking for through the call. If the bot cannot resolve the issue, it will escalate to the right customer care executive.


In today's cut-throat market, quality customer service is crucial, which is exactly what brands can ensure if they get missed call alert services. The right missed call solution increases operational productivity in call centers. To get missed call alert service for your business, check out Knowlarity. Knowlarity caters to enterprise-grade missed call solutions with 24x7 customer support. It also offers easy CRM and IVR integration. Visit the Knowlarity website today!

Written By:  Manna Khare


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