What are the Different Types of Business Phone Systems

July 28, 2022

Business telephone systems enable communication between employees and business owners and the capacity to answer incoming calls. There are numerous available business phone systems. The primary varieties are cell phones, voice over Internet protocol, private branch exchange, key system units, keyless system units, and private branch exchange. One of the essential elements of a successful business is reliable communication. Even though there are many ways to communicate today, having a dependable business phone system is still crucial. You might profit from moving to a different office phone system, depending on your company's requirements. Many other technologies and features are available in office phones, so it is always a reasonable opinion to be mindful of your choices before supporting a new system.

Different types of Business Phone systems:

KSU, PBX, and VoIP are the three main categories of commercial telephone systems. Both a hosted and a non-hosted version are available for each of these systems. This is how they diverge:

**Key System Units: **

The critical system unit is the most fundamental type of phone system. Due to the number of phone lines, this system is only appropriate for small organizations with no more than 40 phone operators. Similar to a house phone, it is a simple system to operate. It lacks portability and flexibility but contains all the necessary capabilities a business will require. The phone-line selection is made manually using a central switching unit. Since it doesn't rely on a significant switching team and is entirely wireless, it is portable and versatile yet has the same phone functionality as the primary system. The best phone system for small business is perfect for a small company that doesn't want to hire more employees, but it is not so helpful for small companies that want to expand their business on a larger scale.

  • It is user-friendly and intuitive.

  • It includes every essential telecom function a company may require.

Private Branch Exchange:

A private branch exchange is an additional choice for a company phone system, which is more advanced. It makes use of programmable switching hardware to route incoming calls automatically. Because it is entirely automated, this business phone system is appropriate for a company with 40 or more employees. A firm may operate without electricity for a while because of the PBX system's uninterruptible power supply, which is another essential benefit. The hosted PBX is a variant of this technology. With this method, the programmable switching device is hosted by a telephone company rather than on-site. The key benefit is that you won't lose any of the sophisticated capabilities of the traditional PBX system. It has to offer while avoiding some of the installation and maintenance expenditures.

  • It can redirect incoming calls automatically.

  • It can benefit businesses with a vast workforce.

Voice over Internet Protocol:

Voice over Internet Protocol is one of corporations' more recent and well-liked inventions. This is the most sophisticated technology, enabling communication between a potential customer and a phone operator even in separate countries. It necessitates the usage of a computer and the internet. Nevertheless, it is also the most expensive system, with the price depending on how many employees would utilize it. The essential advantage of this system is that computers can use on your company's business internet network to access all of its services. The VoIP system has hosting options, just like PBX. Due to the central telephone system being hosted by the service provider, the hosted version has fewer installation and maintenance requirements for the business employing it than the conventional VoIP system. The VoIP system can be hosted, much like PBX. The best phone system for remote workers provides the same benefits as the entire VoIP system but requires less installation and maintenance on the company's part.

  • A wide range of devices enables greater communication accessibility.

  • From anywhere in the globe, you may effortlessly converse using the internet.

Shift to Business Phone System:

Knowlarity gives businesses more comprehensive ranges of accessibility and intelligence by enabling communication through Business Phone System. This increases communication, cooperation, installation and maintenance. The most excellent option for a business phone system is to select Knowlarity, which may help you fully benefit from the system.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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