What Is A DID Number And How Do Your Customers Benefit?

Jan 13, 2023

In this digital ecosystem, technology plays a major role in all systems. Even the brands and businesses we see today use various calling systems that run on technologies. Brands and companies use technology to reduce time and increase convenience for customers.

But customers often need to follow chatbots and automated phone menus to reach the call center agents to solve their queries. It might degrade the customer experience. Also, tracking the menus and chatbots to contact the customer care agent becomes annoying after multiple attempts.

Brands and companies should leverage Direct Inward Dialing (DID) services to make agents easily accessible to customers. This article will provide a holistic idea of what DID number is and how it benefits customers.

What is A DID Number?

DID number is a popular telephony service that works as a virtual landline. Here, the customer can directly call a specific phone number associated with a brand's agent. Instead of waiting in queues, encountering chatbots, or going through menus to reach the agent, the DID number provides customers with an extension to contact the specific agent without wasting time.

DID allows a brand to allocate a personal number to each employee without needing a separate physical phone line to reach customers. These are the numbers that are intelligent enough to let you handle your business calls the way you want.

The simplest use of DID numbers in Indian businesses is for routing incoming customer calls. These are mostly accompanied by a welcome IVR greeting which later forwards their call to the right agent based on their inputs.

What is A DID System?

A DID system, also known as direct dial-ins or direct-dial numbers, is a virtual calling system that helps brands optimize the call and call routing facility. The system allows the brand to provide each agent or employee with a separate phone number extension. It is done by setting route-specific calls to the existing virtual telephony system.

Brands and companies use DID systems to route incoming customer calls. It helps brands link customers directly to the most appropriate agent. Through this, customer care managers can track customers' missed calls, average hold/calling time, incoming prospects, agents' interactions, etc. Knowlarity's Direct Inward Dialing service is a top-notch DID service.

They offer number masking, call tracking, multi-lingual support, IVR & CRM integration, etc. Knowlarity's DID can scale seamlessly and enhances customer experience.

Why Does Your Business Need A DID Number?

There are endless reasons why a business requires a DID number. It not only benefits your business but also helps customers to leverage its advantages.

Easy to Manage:

DID numbers automatically redirect the customer calls to the right agents without juggling multiple phone numbers. The correct choice of agent is decided based on customers’ IVR inputs.

Better Control:

All incoming customer calls are routed through the DID number(s) & their track is been kept. This information now can be used for resolving customer call issues, confusion, or disputes easily.

Sound Competent:

DID numbers help give your business a good & professional image. It also provides a good rapport with your customers which is extremely important for any business to survive. And all this comes without much investment.

How Do Your Customers Benefit

Detailed Analytics:

Noe your business can keep a close eye on all the customer incoming calls, missed calls, customer conversations & agents’ performance as well. DID numbers can also be used to optimize for better results in the blink of an eye.

One Business Number:

Customers are the one & only need for any business & no business can afford to lose its customers due to multiple phone numbers. DID is a number that acts as one number for the entire business.

Now your complete business, customers & team is connected with one single number. It eliminates the loss of customers, and customers’ information, & the juggle of multiple phone numbers.

Scale As You Grow:

DID numbers comes with no limit on channels or with a limit on the number of parallel calls. This feature of DID numbers makes it easy to scale your business with it without worrying about infrastructure bandwidth.

Benefits of Leveraging DID for Customers

The benefits of DID systems and services are endless. Here are some notable benefits businesses can provide to customers through DID numbers.

Better Customer Experience:

DID systems offer a direct communication option to customers. Customers do not have to wait in long queues, deal with chatbots, or go through clumsy menus to reach the agent. It automatically enhances customer experience and inclines the customer more towards the brand.

Saves Time:

In this busy world, no one has the whole day to contact the business. Routing customer calls to the right customer care agent, that too, directly, without any intermediaries like a receptionist or phone menu -- saves time. Customers can easily take follow-ups when they know their agent's number extension. It saves time for both parties.

Omnipresence Support for Customers:

DID numbers benefit customers in several ways. The DID service automatically transfers customer calls to the exact agents' phones. This call routing facility remains available 24x7. Also, this omnipresence support enables the customers to reach the agent without worrying about the agent's geolocation.

Enables Number Masking:

Modern DID solutions and services like Knowlarity feature number masking in DID numbers. It defends customers' identity or personal numbers when they contact agents. Through this approach, customers' numbers do not get shared while solving issues or queries. The DID system conceals the customers' numbers. Hence, no one can misuse them.


We hope this article has given a crisp idea of DID numbers and services. It also highlighted how DID number benefits customers in the long run. Knowlarity is a well-known DID service provider.

It features all necessary characteristics like automated call routing, number masking, call tracking, call recording, CRM integration, real-time updates, lead generation, IVR integration, call insights, etc. Feel free to contact Knowlarity and utilize their service.

Written By:  Divya Shukla


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