What Is Automated Calling And What Are The Two Types Of Outbound Calls?

Dec 12, 2022

For businesses, handling customer calls is an arduous task because they feel overloaded during peak hours, no matter how many support agents are available on the team. To take care of customer calls without compromising on the quality of solutions, investments are done in multiple technologies, and an automated calling system is one of them.

What Does an Automated Calling System Do?

As we can understand from its name, the automated calling system automatically places a call as soon as a support agent puts the phone down after resolving reported issues. Owing to the automated calling system, outbound call centers save a significant amount of time, boost their agents’ productivity, reduce manual errors, cut down idle time to a large extent, and much more.

In short, ACS helps to make each minute count, resulting in high business productivity and customer experience.

It's obvious that the more calls we place in a day, the more deals we are likely to close for whooping sales figures.

What’s more, we can keep ourselves out of legal trouble by configuring the automated calling system according to the DND list. It is important to contact individuals if we have their consent. Otherwise, the government’s penalties could cost us a fortune.

Plus, calling uninterested people will only waste time and trigger negative reviews.

There are two types of outbound calls for which an automated calling system gets used. Let’s discuss this.

Two Types of Outbound Calls

1. Telemarketing

Telemarketing, a marketing strategy, is an art that allows us to interact with customers one-on-one over the phone. In this type of outbound call, an agent makes a call to a prospect or existing customer to promote products or services.

To find success in telemarketing, companies assess the needs of current customers and prospects to create a contact list. Once done, they hand over it to their telemarketers so that they can make calls and enticingly promote offerings.

Automated Calling System

Unfortunately, telemarketers sometimes waste time during working hours, which lowers the total number of calls. As a negative outcome, this affects the business’ bottom line. This is where we feel the need for an automated outbound calling system so that maximum calls can be made in a day.

All in all, if any business wants to enjoy the maximum outbound calling benefits.

2. Market Research Outbound Calling

Market research outbound calling lets a company understand what is trending in the market and among its target audience. After obtaining crucial insights, companies make necessary modifications to their upcoming products to set new sales records.

In addition, outbound calls made with the purpose of market research also help to understand how recently launched products or services are doing in the market. Companies try to reach a maximum number of customers in a day to learn whether their products or services are living up to their expectations or not. Simply put, companies make calls to know the pulse of customers or the public.

To ensure high productivity and reduce the possibilities of manual dialing, an automatic outbound dialer should be deployed. The reason is pretty simple it will reduce average idle time by making a myriad of calls in a day.

Summing up:

Handling outbound call center operations is a tough nut to crack because we face a multitude of challenges in the process. However, we can make our life a bit easier by simply bringing an automated calling system into operation. It brings the best out of the calling agents by placing calls automatically when possible.

With the help of this blog, we have tried to explain what an automated calling system does and how it helps to place different types of outbound calls. If you are impressed with it and want to use it to grow your business at a rapid pace, contact Knowlarity and discuss your requirements.

In case you still have some concerns about the deployment of an automated calling system, call 1800-1020-340 to get answers from experts.

Written By:  Divya Shukla


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