What is call masking, and how does it work?

Sep 28, 2022

What is call masking, and how does it work?

Customers have several major worries, one of which is data privacy. One of those issues is that they do not desire to share specific information with companies and brands because they fear becoming victims of cyberattacks and data breaches. [Call masking] ensures clients' privacy to prevent pandemonium of this nature and secure customer data.

What exactly is "call masking"?

Call masking is a helpful tool that e-commerce companies may use to safeguard their customers and their company's phone lines. It assigns each person a temporary phone number, enabling them to converse confidently during the allotted time.

The buyers, sellers, delivery workers, and drivers all benefit from being able to interact with clients when number masking is used. It does so without revealing personal contact information, including phone number. A bridge establishes a connection between two parties while concealing any private information they may share. How does masking work?

Call masking is utilized so that the customer's privacy may be protected and the number can be concealed at all times. For instance, if a consumer calls another person through your business application and you don't want them to know each other's phone numbers, then the call masking software will hide the number. When a customer selects the option to "call customer," the subsequent phone call is put through a process known as "call masking." As a result, the call's recipient sees a different number, the masked number, instead of the original number.

When it is necessary to connect two parties over the phone, but they do not like to reveal their real phone numbers to one another, a mask can be used to conceal both parties' phone numbers. The call masking software is what's responsible for this. For instance, if a sender dials the number 666, the call will go via the masking software before being sent to the person receiving calls at that number. Even the receiver cannot access the sender's original telephone number. They notice the number 555 on the screen. The identities of both parties have been concealed from view. If the call is dropped, the recipient can redial the disguised number to speak with the person who placed the initial call

Benefits of Call Masking

The following are some benefits of masking your phone number:

Secure interactions

The potential for a company's private information to be compromised is a major source of anxiety for many customers. However, the Call Masking solutions make it possible for clients to have a safe and secure engagement with a business, which helps close any perceived security gaps. You may quickly interact with your businesses without the anxiety of a data breach, and you can safeguard your identity.

Call masking solution

Participation from Active Customers

Customers often feel uneasy about giving up their phone numbers; hence, when a business uses call masking, it might be convenient for them to avoid providing their numbers. Additionally, it improves customer identification of the brand and their perception of its worth. It helps to recruit future consumers by earning the confidence of existing customers.

Insights Into the Data in Real Time

This one solution is powerful enough to give you access to real-time client data and insights. The agent performance statistics and insights you collect from this tool will help you provide better service to customers. You fulfill all the communication requirements at a reasonable cost, enabling you to save money on the back end.


Call masking has a lot of potential applications and has the potential to alleviate the ongoing problem of privacy concerns. It will be easier for companies to keep their relationships with their clients on a professional level. Call masking makes it simpler for customers and businesses to communicate with one another without compromising the confidentiality of sensitive information by disclosing it.

The call masking solutions provided by Knowlarity are offered at a price that is not only competitive but also adaptable and economical. Using our cutting-edge technology, we can assist your firm in hiding your phone number. You may give us a missed call at (+91) 1800-1023-0340 or request a free trial of our software on our official website https://www.knowlarity.com/.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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