What is Progressive Dialer? What is the Cost of Progressive Dialer Software in India?

Sep 7, 2022

Call centers can utilize various sophisticated call-related software to boost agent efficiency and improve client experiences, thanks to the wide range of recent technology breakthroughs. The progressive dialer is one tool call center operators use to make calls more quickly and efficiently while providing top-notch customer care.

Contact centers with sophisticated outbound campaigns frequently combine a dialer with the CRM platform to increase productivity. Through this interface, the tool instantly connects targeted clients to the agent, eliminating the need to look up and dial phone numbers.

A tool like this eliminates crucial seconds from each interaction. However, a progressive dialer offers additional features to speed up customer conversations. Are these features worth the money spent? Let's explore.

What is a Progressive Dialer?

A progressive dialer is an automated dialing method in which computer software goes through a list of numbers generated in advance.   When an agent signals that they are prepared for a call, a Progressive Dialer is an outbound calling system that calls the next customer on a prepared list. With CRM integration, details of the potential or current customer appear on the agent's screen, and the phone rings.   Calls that go directly to voicemail get immediately terminated. Calls that go unanswered for an extended period are also disconnected. This contact center tool decreases agent effort, increases efficiency, and lowers expenses.   This technology's automated nature makes it perfect for telemarketing organizations because progressive dialers make calls one after another while exploiting the availability of agents to place the calls.

Why do you Need a Progressive Dialer?

Agents can save time using progressive dialers because they don't have to manually seek and dial customer numbers. A progressive dialer saves time and guarantees that an agent is accessible to interact with the consumer as soon as they pick up the phone.   You can reduce silent calls as much as possible to increase agent productivity and nurture more leads. You can improve the customer experience by having more individualized interactions since a progressive dialer enables agents to analyze customer information before automatically initiating the call.


Here are some Progressive Dialer Benefits:

1. Enhanced Agent Performance   Agents don't have to manually dial and drop calls because progressive dialers automatically dial numbers, sort out busy paths, answer devices, and disconnect calls.

2. Fewer Hang-Ups   Progressive dialers guarantee agent availability, which shortens wait time and causes fewer dropped calls because an agent is always available and prepared to take the call once it connects.

3. Better Lead Conversion   A lower call abandonment rate translates into a better call connection ratio and more agent talk time. It may raise objective conversion rates (sales, collections) and improve customer satisfaction, leading to more leads.

4. Real-time Reporting   Comprehensive real-time data enables the management to monitor performance and make changes, including call volume information and access to call recordings.

5. More Customer Engagement   There is greater customer engagement since agents have important customer data before encounters that help direct the dialogues.

What is the Cost of Progressive Dialer Software in India?

Now that you know how a Progressive Dialer can help your business, you might wonder about its cost. There are many factors on which the cost depends. It includes features, availability, and also the service vendor.

Before spending money and choosing a Progressive Dialer Solution for your company, create a checklist, as every organization has a distinct approach.

Look for features like a dynamic queue, call dispositions, agent-specific calling and more. Once you have determined which progressive dialer software best meets your unique business demands, you may assess additional features like CRM integration and IVR capabilities for easy business growth.

Choose the Right Progressive Dialer Solution for your Business

Daily automated outbound dialing can get unpleasant over time, but the correct software can lessen some strain. Thanks to a progressive dialer, your call center's conversion rates will rise due to improved customer engagement and decreased call abandonment.

If you are ready to integrate a Progressive Dialer Solution for your business, Knowlarity has the best ones! You can reap the rewards of high-quality Progressive Dialer Software in India with premium features and comfortable pricing.

Written By:  Farha


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