Call Masking Solution: Meaning, Benefits, Use Cases & Why to Use?

Aug 22, 2022

What is Call Masking?

One of the great strategies to protect a customer's privacy and identity without compromising their data is to use call masking, also known as number masking or phone number masking. It enables two-way conversation without disclosing your consumers' phone numbers.

Both sides have concealed the number to give each other some relief by fostering a secure environment. Thanks to Call Masking, people can connect with one other for a predetermined amount of time.

The terms proxy, anonymized, or cloaked phone number get frequently used to describe masked phone numbers. The personal phone number gets concealed while you forward the call to the intended recipient.

The necessity to keep your number private arises when it is possible that disclosing it will cause significant conflict. Both parties' privacy and personal information are protected while the phone number is hidden.

What are its Benefits?

Call masking is a tool for businesses to safeguard and easily track client communications throughout the customer experience. The Call Masking Benefits include:

Secure Interactions:

Many customers are concerned that firms are susceptible to exposing their private information. Outstanding call Masking services, such as those offered by Knowlarity, guarantee a secure engagement with a brand by closing any vulnerable gaps that clients may encounter.

You may effortlessly contact your company without worrying about identity or data theft.

Real-time Data Insights:

You might get a lot of real-time client data insights from this one solution. You may monitor agent performance and enhance your services using data and analytics. You satisfy all your communication needs for a fair price, resulting in long-term financial savings.

Masking Phone Number

Enhanced Customer Engagement:

Due to the growth in cybercrimes, most people are hesitant to share their personal information, such as phone numbers. Therefore, Call Masking might assist you in earning their trust. Additionally, it promotes brand awareness and customer value. Developing client trust helps draw in new customers.

Call Tracking & Monitoring:

For tracking and monitoring calls, a call masking solution is quite advantageous. These cloud telephony systems allow all incoming and outgoing calls between agents and customers to be recorded and tracked for quality assurance and data analysis.

Call Masking Use Cases:

Several industries employ Call Masking services. Some of them are listed below.


To follow leads, delivery services, and online buying sites, frequently utilize Call Masking in e-commerce. When the delivery person phones the consumer, the delivery person's actual number is hidden, and the customer can call back on the same number.


The doctors worry that they would get deluged with calls due to all the consultations via phone, video calls, and messaging. To allow patients to call their specific doctors directly and conduct voice consultations, several doctors have begun to use call masking solutions.

Global Customers:

Call masking is helpful for international teams calling clients in several zones and nations. Even if you call from a different place, this ingenious solution shows the local phone number of your company in the area or country.

Remote Teams:

Nowadays, remote workers frequently employ number masking to connect with consumers using their devices. To get in touch with customers, they can utilize a business number. During business calls, number masking helps them maintain professional credibility and protect their details.

Why Use Call Masking?

Despite appearing simple, number masking has more substantial effects on the customer experience, especially for firms that provide services.

Through these services, thousands of clients place daily meal orders, cab reservations, and online shopping orders. And regardless of the service they select, all clients appreciate their privacy. Here, the use of number masking is requisite.

Call masking is a crucial tool for organizations to have if they want to protect client privacy and keep them actively engaged. And if you seek Call Masking Benefits, Knowlarity is without a doubt your finest choice. Get in touch with us today!

Written By:  Manna Khare


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