Integrate IVR with call recording feature to Respond to Customer Queries 24X7 in UAE

Sep 7, 2021

IVRs or Interactive Voice Response Systems have become increasingly important in the current cutthroat business environment. This is because customer service has now morphed into an indispensable facet of a company's growth and success. Enterprises that miss the mark to meet customer expectations stand the risk of losing their clientele to their rivals.

In the UAE, where the value of customer service is highly valued, companies must ensure their responsiveness to customer inquiries round the clock. One means of achieving this is through the seamless integration of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with call recording functionality.

This blog elucidates the advantages of IVR integration with call recording features in the UAE, aimed at bolstering customer service.

IVR: The Automated Solution for Customer Queries

IVR is an acronym for Interactive Voice Response. It is an advanced technology that generates an automated response that greets the customers. It helps them navigate to the correct menu to resolve their queries quickly and easily. These are typically used by the companies to route calls based on the choices made by the caller from the IVR menu. It can determine from these options whether the caller wants to speak with a human operator, the technical support team, or any other department.

IVR System is a new-age communication tool that helps businesses be available to the customer 24x7 and answer their queries instantly. As soon as customers call, the IVR politely greets them and provides options to select to get the desired answer. There are multi-level categories that are likely to fulfill the customers' purpose of calling the business.

Additionally, information like promotions, updates, or other crucial details or instructions are given through it. One instance is to let callers know that their calls will be recorded and that they will be asked if they want to continue.

Traditionally, only call centers used the IVR system to arrange their huge call queues. However, these have now significantly advanced ever since their inception and are now frequently used for the automation of simple processes in order to give callers the access to self-service options. This is done to quickly address the customer needs and inquiries that call center representatives typically handle.

IVR technology comes with a myriad of features with call recording being one of them and plays a significant role in providing enhanced customer satisfaction. This allows the businesses to record every call in real-time and listen to them later for a detailed analysis to improve their services. If you have a UAE business, you should get the IVR solution with the call recording feature.

What is IVR call recording?

Call recording refers to the specific feature of the IVR system that allows the calls between the customers and the agents to be recorded and reviewed whenever needed.

It is a useful technology for businesses that enables them to record and store customer calls for future reference. It can help businesses identify areas where they need to improve their customer service and can also be used to train customer service agents. Call recording can also be used as evidence in legal disputes or to resolve customer complaints.

Additionally, IVR call recording enables businesses to assess an agent's effectiveness in handling customer queries. They may also be used to document all customer and business communications.

Uses of Call Recording Feature of the IVR Solutions:

The IVR solution is embedded with the call recording feature that allows businesses to record the customers' calls in real-time. This facility proves to be extremely useful as it can be widely used for understanding the customer’s expectations and requirements.

Here are some of the use cases of call recording in the IVR System:

Enables Dual Channel Recording:

The dual channel recording available with the IVR service allows recording the conversations amongst each participant separately. Furthermore, this can be used to analyze the call quality, transcribe speech-to-text and come up with a quick and effective conflict resolution and much more.

Used for Training and Evaluation:

The integration of cloud telephony technologies including the IVR call recording feature allows you to listen to the recorded conversations amongst the agents and the customer. This in turn helps you analyze the conversation, identify the areas of improvement and evaluate the agent’s performance. Varied situations, customer queries and reactions can also be helpful for the businesses to train their executives to handle each situation differently and wisely while exhibiting improved customer experience each time.

Drives Better Business Decisions:

Call Recording feature in the IVR cloud solutions can prove to be the most effective asset as it helps you study and analyze customer behavior and response. This in turn helps you identify the key areas of improvement and implement the same in your business and improve your product and services accordingly. Not only this but on the broader scale this can also be helpful in formulating an effective marketing strategy.

For example, suppose a large number of callers are having the same issue or even different issues. In that case, the business can listen to the calls later and understand their experience with their product. With thorough discussion with the team, they can understand the common and unique scenarios faced by a major chunk of its customer base.

They can work towards improving the quality of the product or services. With the call recording feature, a business gets a great opportunity to improve and meet the customers' expectations.

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Helpful in Dispute Resolution:

The recorded calls amongst the customer and the customer service executives can be used to address the disputes (if any) with complete transparency while addressing customer concerns effectively. This in turn helps in enhancing the performance of your cloud contact center. Both the client and the agent are able to audibly access the dialogue. This proactive measure allows for the prompt resolution of any disputes, precluding them from intensifying.

Furthermore, the recorded conversation in the IVR system enables a clear identification of culpability, facilitating the implementation of a suitable resolution. Beyond mitigating potential conflicts, this system ensures that an equitable solution is attained.

Benefits of Integrating IVR with Call Recording Feature

Availability 24X7

Integrating IVR with the feature of call recording in UAE allows businesses to respond to customer queries 24X7, even outside of normal business hours. This can help improve customer satisfaction and can also help businesses capture potential sales leads that may have been missed due to the lack of availability outside of normal business hours.

Reduced Workload of Customer Service Agents:

Integrating IVR number with call recording can help businesses reduce the number of calls handled by customer service agents. By providing customers with self-service options through the IVR menu, businesses can reduce the number of calls that need to be handled by customer service agents. This can help reduce the workload of customer service agents and allow them to focus on more complex customer queries that require human interaction.

Improved Quality of Customer Service:

Further Call recording features in the IVR solution can help businesses improve their customer service by identifying areas where they need to improve. Businesses can use the recordings to train customer service agents and provide them with feedback on their performance. This can help improve the quality of customer service provided by businesses and increase customer satisfaction.

Legal Compliance:

IVR system’s call recording can be used as evidence in legal disputes or to resolve customer complaints. By recording customer calls, businesses can provide evidence of any agreements made during the call. This can help resolve disputes quickly and efficiently, without the need for costly legal action


The IVR technology has helped businesses in the UAE and worldwide be present for their customers anytime and anywhere. As such, businesses in the UAE should consider integrating IVR with call recording features to enhance their customer service and improve their overall business operations.

How can I get the IVR system with the call recording feature?

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Written By:  Divya Shukla


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