Integrate IVR with call recording feature to Respond to Customer Queries 24X7 in UAE

Sep 7, 2021

IVR is an acronym for Interactive Voice Response. It is an advanced technology that generates an automated response that greets the customers. It helps them navigate to the correct menu to resolve their queries quickly and easily. One of the crucial features of the technology is call recording. Businesses can record every call in real-time and listen to them later to improve their services. If you have a UAE business, you should get the IVR technology with the call recording feature.

Interactive Voice Response is a new-age communication tool that helps businesses be available to the customer 24x7 and answer their queries instantly. As soon as customers call, the IVR politely greets them and provides options to select to get the desired answer. There are multi-level categories that are likely to fulfill the customers' purpose of calling the business.

Get More Leads: The Interactive Voice Response system helps resolve the callers' queries 24x7 and provides a potential opportunity to convert them into customers. By providing an enhanced user experience, an organisation increases the probability of getting more leads. The calls are answered promptly, and the customer can effortlessly get self-help using the Interactive Voice Response menus available or get in touch with the agent quickly to resolve their issues. By providing quick help, the business can increase the customer engagement rate and retain them as well.

Improves brand image: With a robust IVR system in place, a business creates a good impression on its callers for being a professional company and enhances the brand image as a reputed business that pays attention to its customers and their issues.

Better customer experience: The solution offers customers self-help menus that they can use to get their queries answered with great ease. The callers can get answers to their general questions quickly by choosing the appropriate menu. It gives the agents sufficient time to deal with complex issues. Human interaction in complex problems provides customers a better and enhanced experience – they get solutions to their grievances or information they need about the product or service to help them make a buying decision.

Handle large call volumes: It is one of the most helpful characteristics of the system as it helps in simultaneously addressing a large number of customers. By instantly connecting them to the IVR, a business can immediately respond to the callers rather than make them wait for an agent to communicate with them.

Personal Experience: The solution helps provide an enhanced and personal experience with warm greetings and addressing them with their names. It creates a sense of belonging, and the customer feels happy with the experience. Moreover, solutions are offered by anticipating the purpose of calling based on previous call history.

** Be Connected 24x7:** The IVR system is a great technology that helps businesses connect with their existing and prospective customers anytime. The solution enables to forward the calls to the mobile numbers and landlines. It allows the agents to get back to the callers beyond working hours and provide them a satisfying response.

IVR system with the call recording features- its implications

The solution is embedded with the Call recording feature that enables the business to record the customers' calls in real-time. This facility proves to be highly useful as it can be extensively used for understanding the customers and their requirements.

For example, suppose a large number of callers are having the same issue or even different issues. In that case, the business can listen to the calls later and understand their experience with their product. With thorough discussion with the team, they can understand the common and unique scenarios faced by a major chunk of its customer base.

They can work towards improving the quality of the product or services. With the call recording feature, a business gets a great opportunity to improve and meet the customers' expectations.


The IVR technology has helped businesses in the UAE and worldwide be present for their customers anytime and anywhere.

How can I get the IVR technology with the call recording feature?

Reputed IVR solution providers such as Knowlarity are helping businesses overcome communication issues and provide an enhanced user experience. Get more details about the IVR solution with the call recording feature; feel free to visit

With a global footprint, this reputed company is making waves in the Middle East with its modern solutions that prove beneficial for business in the UAE. It offers services in over 65 countries in the APAC region. Many organizations in the UAE trust the company for its high-quality products that add value to their business.

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