What Do You Mean By DID Number And How Do Your Customer Benefit?

July 11, 2022

Due to their geographic location, businesses are not bound to a certain area code for phone calls. With the introduction of internet telephony, it is now feasible to answer calls from anywhere in the globe as if you were in the location indicated by your phone number.

Businesses can operate outside of offices at a lot more affordable location while giving the idea that they are located in a high-end location by using VoIP services, which route calls using the internet at minimal expense. A wide range of opportunities arise from the redeployment of call destinations. DID numbers make these possible and accessible.

What Do You Mean By DID Number?

A phone number which can ring at multiple locations simultaneously is known as a Direct Inward Dial (DID) number. Small and big businesses operating at various places but only want customers to reach one location choose to use DID numbers. They enable companies to utilise a single local access number that routes calls as necessary to several locations.

DID Number Benefits:

  • Economical Customers who don't need local numbers can buy DIDs just about anywhere in the world to use the number in any nation. Additionally, you can only place certain calls by having a local number.

  • Privacy

You can select your private number as the DID number to ensure that no one can access your personal information if you want to keep it hidden.

  • Avoid unwanted calls Additionally, it assists you in avoiding telemarketers' unsolicited calls. For commercial purposes, you can also use an anonymous mobile number in place of your own or your firm's identity.

  • Enhanced user experience

Having a distinct phone number with a variety of features will enhance the customer experience and draw in more clients because they will be confident that their calls will be promptly answered without having to wait too long on hold or being disconnected in the middle of a discussion due to busy signals.

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Features of DID Number:

  • Routing Calls Automatically: Connect incoming calls to the appropriate agent automatically by routing them to mobile or landline lines.

  • Call Monitoring: Track each call that is forwarded to the DID number. Monitor missed calls, client interactions, and agent KPIs.

  • Local Telephones: To contact clients using the Did Number Service, use local phone numbers. Local phone numbers are perceived as being more reliable.

  • Insights & Recordings for Calls: DID Number Service provides a lot of data. Discover detailed call insights, comprehend your clients, and keep an eye on the efficiency of your agents.

  • Simple setup and CRM integration: With the aid of APIs, DID number simply integrates with any CRM.

  • IVR Integration: Customers have the option of selecting the agent-speaking option. Callers are forwarded and connected to the appropriate agent by the programme.

  • Multilingual Assistance: IVR-customised automated calling campaigns can be set up using English, Hindi, and regional messages.

  • CRM Integration: The DID Number Service is simple to integrate with any cloud-based CRM. It increases the CRM's capacity to provide improved CX.


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Written By:  Manna Khare


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