What is a Call Management System, and Why is Call Management Important?

July 13, 2022

Tracking and managing customer calls effectively have become a significant aspect of almost every business. Enterprises can simplify and automate customer call handling using call management services. This article will give you a quick walkthrough of what call management software is and why it is necessary.

What is a Call Management System?

A call management system is a comprehensive system through which businesses handle incoming customer calls. These call management services help track calls, collect valuable insights, and routing calls to the suitable department/person. Call management systems enable businesses to track performance, enhance business productivity, and improve the overall customer experience. A high-performing call management software can also help your internal team manage a massive volume of customer calls. Let us now understand the various ways call management services can benefit businesses.

Why is Call Management Important?

Call management boosts agents’ productivity and enables them to deliver better customer service. Additionally, companies can reap numerous business benefits by utilising a call management software solution. Some of the benefits are as follows:

- Tracking and monitoring calls: Many businesses and brands want to stay in touch with their customers to deliver their products and better understand their needs. Apart from that, the telecom industry and the customer care sectors also leverage the benefit of tracking and monitoring calls using such software. Call tracking assures that the customer care agent is properly answering all inbound and outbound customer calls and taking follow-ups from them. Such a system is essential because it increases the ROI of a marketing campaign.

- Call recording: Call management software comes with a call recording feature to improve the quality of calls and better serve the customers. As a result, top executives can better train their agents by listening to the recorded calls. Since all the call recording remains stored in the cloud, business executives can also listen to customer feedback whenever they want.

Call management software

- Better remote workforce communication: Call management software enables businesses to contact customers working from home, thus, facilitating seamless remote workforce communication. It helps enterprise agents to log in from any work location, communicate with customers, and take follow-ups. Such solutions also allow companies to leverage a more promising pool of native language-speaking agents at a lower expense with high flexibility.

- Call analytics: Integrating call management software with CRM tools helps keep track of all customer records. Also, such call management systems come with built-in analytics dashboards to understand the trends and requirements of customers. Such analytics also render rich visuals with graphs so that agents and customer care executives can better communicate with the data. Analytics can also visually represent the growth seen in marketing campaigns and other brand awareness initiatives.

- Importance of IVR: Providing a personalised experience to customers is another benefit organisations get from call management software. Advanced call management systems come with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) capabilities so that brands can remain active 24x7 throughout the year. IVR systems receive customer calls at any point in the day and walk them through an automated number-driven menu so that it can redirect the customers to suitable agents or relevant departments that can resolve their issues.

- Reduces cost and increases productivity: Businesses are also switching to call management software because of the cost-productivity relationship. Using cloud technology to manage calls makes modern call management software cost-effective. Furthermore, such tools are equipped with advanced real-time analytics that can quickly determine where the business needs to improve its customer service so as to improve customer experience. All these combinations make call management solutions an excellent choice for businesses.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are planning to start a small business or have a large multinational firm, enhancing customer service within the organisation calls for efficient and feature-rich call management software for better productivity. If you want to get a call management service, try Knowlarity— one of the leading call management service providers. Its high-performing cloud-based call management systems are affordable and known for enhancing customer experience.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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