The Ethics of Handling Customer Calls

The Ethics of Handling Customer Calls

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The primary goal for most customers is generating leads to convert prospects into fully paying customers. But, when trying to fulfil these objectives, do not neglect the experience you provide to your customers. Statistically, it is proven that about 67% of customers declare bad experiences as a major reason for a switch.

Providing a personalized and satisfying customer experience is critical for the growth of your business. After all, customers form the backbone of any business and if they aren’t there, it becomes aimless. However, dealing with different customers can become an arduous task because determining and fulfilling their requirements is not always as easy.
Still, if you wish to lead in your niche, you have to be prepared to face any situation and tackle your customers to retain them for longer. To begin with, following are the two most significant traits of a great customer care representative –


Customers expect that they will receive ready, willing and quick help on their issues and answers to their questions. If a customer service executive fails to do so, it could force the customer to switch to the competitor’s service. Your responsibility, as a customer service executive, is to be prepared to answer and solve all kinds of customer queries in a satisfactory and timely manner. Ensure you remain up-to-date with your information and return calls in time.


Being open-minded and objective in your approach is important to make the customer feel confident and valued. This also shows that you are interested in listening as he/she explains the situation. Ask them open-ended questions to allow them to provide better responses and work with them to find a mutual solution.

Things to Avoid:

When you talk to a customer on the phone, you represent not just yourself but also the organization. Failing to leave a positive impression could have long-term effects on your personal and organizations collective performance. While being an active listener and responsive is imperative, there are a few things you should avoid while handling customer calls –

Taking too long to pick up calls

Your customers could reach out to you at any time and it is necessary that you answer the calls you receive instantly. It is important if you don’t want to lose a potential customer and in case you cannot, leaving a voicemail message is a wise step. With their queries, advice or feedback in mind, customers tend to hang up the phone out of frustration when they do not get a timely response.

Transferring calls to many agents

While attending to queries from customers, you need to make sure that they are appropriately catered to and are resolved completely. So, the customer should be connected with an agent who is qualified to attend to their query or they should be connected to the right agent immediately after recognizing their need. However, remember that transferring calls multiple times can adversely affect your customers’ call experience.

Not following up with missed calls

While staying next to the phone at all times is practically impossible, it may happen that you miss some calls from your customers. In such instances, the representative must make it a point to follow up with the missed calls. These gestures are a great way to make your customers feel important and leave an impression that is more likely to make them trust your company and its services.

Asking them questions or arguing instead of letting them speak

Asking too many questions, about what the customer wants, his interests, his association with the company, etc. can be frustrating for your customers. But while you should not keep asking questions, not asking any questions is also not very helpful. Give your customers a chance to speak and then provide them with the right solutions. Also, arguing is something you should avoid while handling customer calls. There are all kinds of people that may call, from stubborn, rude to simply wrong, but it doesn’t have to mean that you start arguing.

Giving your customers false hopes

Every business runs by a motive of obtaining as many customers as possible and who wouldn’t want that? But, while trying things out to lure your customers into purchasing your services or products, you must not give them false hopes or make unreasonable offers. Increasing your chain rate, offering false discounts will only prove to be bad customer service in the long run.

Ending a conversation abruptly or disconnecting

If you happen to receive a call from a stubborn consumer that needs to get connected to another department, connecting them to the right department is the right thing to do. Instead of ending the call by saying that they are wrong or that they’ve dialled the wrong person, help them with the way forward. Disconnecting calls in a hurry is also an off-putting habit that can annoy and irritate the customer. As a service executive, it’s your duty to offer them a solution that best fulfils their requirement, view daily analytic call reports and track and revert to all customer calls.

Using the wrong tone

When your customer calls you, you have a few minutes to convince your customer that you understand their problem and are on their side. The quickest way to achieve that is a friendly and approachable tone. When you’re soft, the customer feels he can talk to you and you would do something about it. On the other hand, the wrong tone could lead your customer to believe that you do not intend to support them and wish to get them off your shoulders as soon as possible. This could lead to a quick churn – for a good experience is the major reason your customer sticks around, and a good experience is all about making them feel good about coming to you.

So, to conclude:

Dealing with different kinds of callers all day is not an easy task, but ensuring that each caller hangs up happy is one of the most important. While customer service is an imperative aspect of your business, it needs to be carried out in the most professional way possible. Above all, staying friendly and moving things along as efficiently as possible are the main objectives of satisfying even the crankiest of customers. Stay positive and sympathetic and always apologize for their inconvenience. Take a deep breath and, most importantly of all, be as helpful as possible but never take an angry caller personally.

If your business cannot set up an in-house customer care department, you always have an option of outsourcing your customer care services to a professional call center services provider. They have a team ready to deploy and take professional care of all your calls. These teams are well trained and already know which customer service mistakes to avoid.

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